Mardi Gras Crochet Cruise Open for Bookings
Join us in New Orleans pre-cruise for Mardi Gras and then get on Carnival Dream together and go to the Western Caribbean together. Sunday, February 10, 2019 - Sunday, February 17, 2019.
The Crochet Cruise website is still under construction. Will be updated in the next week or so. Link is provided below to place your booking.
Join Us On Board
We have space for 100 crocheters in our 7 Day Conference Program, known as the Crochet Cruises. Where we hook the high seas and discover crochet and exotic locations together as a group. Hosted by Mikey and Diva Dan for the duration of the event.
Our theme, obviously, is Mardi Gras. A celebration of creativity, music and southern hospitality.
We are tentatively planning 3 Cruises for 2019. Only this cruise is ready for booking. Confidently, I am telling you it will be the cheapest of the 3 cruises we will do as the other 2 will not be either on Royal Caribbean and/or Celebrity Cruise Lines.
Choose A Cabin That Suits You

How It Works

We have a rate sheet for all levels of cabins that are currently available. We let you make the cabin choice that suits your budget the best. We have locked in all levels of cabins for this cruise upon launch and have a set number in each category. Everything from the rock bottom pricing to the penthouse suites. The cruise ticket pricing depends on your cabin and how many people are in your cabin.
Should a cabin level sell out, if we have to request more cabins for our party in a certain category, there may not be inventory and/or Carnival adjusts their pricing which is usually higher. So in our history, the best pricing is right now verses waiting.
All cabins are sold based on 2 people in each cabin. So if you are traveling solo, you will charged as if 2 people are in the cabin. So you are best to find a roommate or travel with a family member as you pretty much paying for another person to go anyway.
Example of a Workshop on A Crochet Cruise with Us

The Prices You See

In the rate sheet below, you see see the price per person (based on two people per cabin).
In year 1 and 2, we were given advice by Carnival to show the rock bottom price without our activity fee, taxes and gratuity that are added on. The add ons are a surprise when on the phone with an agent. So we want you to budget properly and show you the final price up front.
Our Prices Include the Following:
  • Cruise Tickets with Taxes and Gratuity Included.
  • Activity Fee of $425
If you bring a non-crochet traveling companion that isn’t in our program. Their Cruise Tickets will have the $425 removed from their ticket prices. So for example, inside Cabin $1090.12 each for 2 people. The second person not participating will have $425 removed from their ticket price. So their cruise will only be $665.12.
Sponsors to be Determined Closer to the Cruise

Activity Fee

The activity fee for this cruise is $425.00 USD. This is all-in-one fee for the entire event. We do not charge per workshop or event on the ship. Everything is included so you don’t need to pay more money for our event once on the ship.
Included Are the Following:
  • Workshops (Between 5 - 7 Workshops + Additional Stitch Socials)
  • Course Supplies
  • Lanyards, Tote Bags & Assorted Goodies
  • Opportunities to Win Door Prizes
This is a fully scheduled conference program. There are fees to produce this event that are behind the scenes. The activity packages are inclusive. Yarn and implements inside the packages are not sold separately.
Project Linus

Program Workshops

We do not share the workshops in advance until you are on the ship. The yarn and projects are a surprise. Due to working 18 months ahead, we wait to see what latest trending projects and newest yarns are released.
It’s like Christmas Morning for the crocheters when they get their activity bags.

Geared Towards Adults

The Conference Program is only for adults as humour and topics between crocheters can be Adult in nature. Language and jokes may be adult in nature. If you register a child under the age of 18, be forewarned the crocheters like to kick back with beverages and share parts of their lives that may not be always suitable for young ears.

Pre & Post Cruise

Not included is transportation to the cruise ship. Some cruisers drive in, others like us, fly. To budget yourself, go to an online website for an airline to get a general cost of traveling from your location to New Orleans. Check for the month of Feb 2018 to get an idea of pricing and budget more for inflation on ticket prices. It is too early to book airline tickets.
There are usually buses from the airport or hotel to the cruise terminal but they are not usually free.
When we get closer to this event, we will set up a designated hotel with corporate rates. Due to being February, especially for us in the north, we are best to fly in early, minimum 1 day before the cruise and stay in a hotel. This will allow for airline delays.

Travel Insurance

Our agent will ask you about purchasing Travel Insurance. It is not mandatory. However, it is something strongly to consider. Should something happen to you while you are on the cruise requiring medical, you are best to have insurance as the doctors on board the ship are not free.
Also, should you have an airline delay that causes you to miss the ship departure. The insurance will cover you with a hotel and will fly you to the first location where we will stop and you can board the ship there.
You must purchase this at the time of booking. It cannot be done any other time.

Private Excursions

We will arrange private excursions that are extra charge. This allows you to explore destinations together as a group. These are optional but it’s cool to have a bus or event on land that is all or mostly our party together. Experiencing locations together. These details are released about 6 months prior to the cruise. They will be announced on Facebook.

Payments to Secure Your Seat

To secure your spot now, you will need to place a minimum downpayment of $250 per person. If traveling solo in a cabin, it will be $500. If you are traveling with someone who is not in our crochet program, be sure to share that with our agent at the time of booking so they are not charged the activity fee. Only registered activity participants counts towards the 100 max in the workshop.
Only activity participants are allowed to be in the classroom due to limited seating. Workshops are about 1.5 hours per session. So there is lots to do the ship.
  • $250 per guest is required to Hold Seat
  • April 2018, Invoices for the Activity Portion $425 will be issued to all booked guests. You will have 30 Days to pay. Between April 1st - April 30th, 2018. The activity fee portion is non-refundable once paid. We pay advance fees based on your commitment to go.

Arranging Monthly Payments

Our agent can handle monthly payments if you prefer this option. This may help you to budget your cruise better. Right now, Cruise Activity Fee is due April 2018. Final payment for cruise tickets are October 2018.

Cancellation Fees

  • Activity Fee Once Paid is non-refundable. Advance fees are paid based on your commitment to go. You have until April 2018 to pay this activity fee. Activity packages are not sent to any cancelled cruiser or held to give to another participant.
  • Cruise tickets up to 90 days prior to departure is fully refundable.
  • 89 days to departure day, cancellation fees by the cruise line are enforced.
  • Any cruiser that doesn’t show up on the ship, activity packages are not held for mailing afterwards. You must be present onsite to get the package.

Okay So you Want to Know More

Notice the 3 Menu Options


  • to see this webpage to review pricing and place bookings. Click the CRUISE INFORMATION TAB. Choose the cabin that best suits your travel desires. Remember, prices have taxes, gratuity and activity fee included. If you are bringing a non-crochet travel companion, their tickets will have the $425 removed from the price.
  • Once you decided to book, click REGISTER. Fill in the information and submit.

You Must Book Through Our Agent

To qualify for a seat, you must book through our Agent, Sherry. Everyone’s cabins pool together as 1 party. The pooling covers costs of producing the event.
If you decide to book on your own or through another agent, we cannot include you with our event. I’m sorry, the costs to produce the event are real and everyone’s cabins work together to make the event affordable to all.

What’s Next

Your submission goes into queue and Sherry will call you to talk over your booking. Go through the details and secure your cabin. She works in order of the submissions through the website. Once she speaks to you and secures your cabin, you are officially part of our Crochet Cruise.
You will then receive a notice through Facebook to join our PRIVATE GROUP of registered guests who are confirmed to go. Only activity participants are invited. Any ship or event details are updated here. This includes designated hotel information, busing, excursions and Project Linus updates. This is our only method of communications with our guests. So be sure if you are not invited to be asked to be invited. Should you cancel, you will be removed from the group.