Google Review Instructions:
  1. Be logged in to your Gmail account before you begin.
  2. Open a new tab or web browser and to got the Google web page to search.
  3. Search for Pacific Northwest Computers
  4. On the right side of the page, you will see “Pacific Northwest Computers” with a photo of the outside of our Open sign/front entry, and underneath the address there should be a button that says “write a review” (If you have not already logged int to your Gmail account, you will be prompted to log in now)
  5. Click on that button and a box should pop up, and in the box there will be 5 gray stars for you to use to rate your experience with Pacific Northwest Computers. Please choose between 1 and 5 stars (5 being the best).
  6. In the box below the stars that says “Describe your Experience”, please write a positive review and describe you experience working with Pacific Northwest Computers.
  7. After you write y our review, please click the button that says “POST”.
Pacific Northwest Computers is a locally-owned computer repair and support company. Our business thrives and grows because people like you let other people know about how great your computer repair experience was. Please write a review that reflects how great your experience was! Please let your family and friends know about is and if anyone you know is in need of computer or IT help, please let them know about Pacific Northwest Computers! Thanks so much,
The Staff at Pacific Northwest Computers