Dear Goddess Lovers,
Do you long to celebrate the Sacred Feminine in yourself or your relationships?
My life is devoted to raising the status of women in our world. It's been very encouraging that the #MeToo & #TimesUp movements have brought more awareness to what women have endured for so long.
How refreshing to find men who long to worship the Divine Feminine in their wives, girlfriends, and learn more chivalry, even esoteric ways to please and elevate women.
Currently, I'm working on the Goddess Worship Handbook for men as well as the Goddess Handbook for women, and would love to interview you. Email is fine or phone.
Since this group is still gaining momentum, the chat room is not very active, but I could alert people for a group chat.
Would you like that?
Perhaps you could invite wpmem and men whom you feel would enjoy these types of converations.
Of course, I continue to offer coaching-by-phone, with workshops throughout the year:
Jan-May: Carlsbad, California (San Diego area)
Jun-Sep: Maryland/Mid-Atlantic & Europe (Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Italy)
Oct: Marin County, CA (San Francisco area)
Nov-Dec: Southern California
Jan-Mar: Hawii/Asia
April: Southern California
May-Sept: Europe
Oct: Marin County, CA (San Francisco area)
Nov-Dec: Southern California/Australia/NZ
Stay tuned for more details.
I've been a Dating & Relationship Coach for over 20 years and everyone who has followed my advice is still happily married after all these years. So, how's your Love Life?
Here are some questions for you ~
Do you prefer chatting via phone or email?
Are you interested in being interviewed for my book, anonymously of course?
Which ways do you currently worship your Goddess, or wish to be pleased?
Does She ask for any specific worshiping? Do you?
Are you familiar with the 5 Food Groups of FLR?
Are you familiar with Tantra Yoga or Nyasa Pujas?
Are you familiar with the 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chatham?
What relationship challenges need solutions in your life?
Which social media do you frequent?
Exploring these preliminary questions will help us in this dialogue.
Meanwhile, here are a few quizzes which I've composed to help you clarify your interests & relationship goals.
They will help you take that next step forward for self-awareness and romantic fulfillment.
Additionally here are the social media links to help you find more community on these very exciting topics ~
Spiritual FLR: FLR Tantra
REMEMBER! FLR was developed by a group of hi-tech, corporate trainers, who wanted nothing to do with BDSM.
But subsequently, during the last decade, attitudes have changed, and exploring power exchange and fetishes have become more widely accepted. Perhaps thanks in part to films like Two Moon Junction, 50 Shades of Grey, and other mainstream films which explore relationship dynamics. I also recommend Bliss, the film with Terence Stamp, to explore Tantra Yoga themes to help your Love Life.
With so much going on in our world with regards to relationships, sexual fulfillment, and safety for women, I very much look forward to hearing from you, and perhaps seeing you at one of my various events in the coming months.
Kindest regards,
Teresa Ann Foxworthy
Dating & Relationship Coach
LOVE in the 21st C
Tel: +1 (415) 289-2213
"Let your heart blossom like a sweet-smelling rose, then you will be invincible."
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