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This story has been corroborated from the guys  we contacted after finding their details on one of the  leaked inbox. We will appreciate more information.



It has come to our attention that a group of young ladies and old women are involved in an unfortunate ring that recruits unsuspecting young men and drug them with an intention of having unconsented, unprotected canal knowledge with them.


Aged between 19 -30 yrs, the gang operates around Tudor, Kongowea and Nyali (Clubs bobs, Bistro, Casablanca) 'They will search for random names on facebook, and if they are impressed with your photos will organize a house bash inviting you. That's how they found me...' says Abdi, a victim who offered to talk to us. 'When you meet her, She takes you to the house, where several girls and other victims are in a careless and heavy drinking' He adds. 'Mine, i added her last month, and immediately invited me for house bash through a chat. She told people that she is working at KCB, Kenyatta avenue branch'. Offered 'Marto' yet another victim who offered to share his story with us.


Apparently, 'she got the job after one of the managers fell for her. This lady was actually a girlfriend to one of my buddies 10 years ago and resides Kongowea area and she is known to carry the damn virus'. He quips. 'Evidence is there, kindly log her name and search on facebook and you will see her face.' Marto offered. We have sent a friend's request to the said girl, and she was yet to confirm the friendship by the time we were writing this story.


'The funny thing is that the group seems know to each other, but their 'boyfriends' just look out of place. they are unaware that that they are all strangers!' Marto says. With more hard liquor flowing, the older women take over and approaches the already drunk men, adding more liquor to their glasses seductively'. If you are not 'drunk enough at this point, they add drugs that will knock you down fast.' Abdi tells us.


At that point, men are already drunk and are drugged to the other rooms for the 'orgy'. Abdi explains how he escaped: 'I became uneasy and i didn't want to black out in that house. I refused more drinks and i insisted to my woman that I had to take a shower before we did 'anything'. The woman initially protested but Abdi went ahead, much to the chagrin of the lady. When the woman she was supposed to sleep with turned her back to leave, 'i was taken a back by the many sore patches on her back!' he exclaims. After the shower he felt better and offered to leave. The woman said that she was leaving for Saudi Arabia the following day and called another lady from the rooms who would 'take care, of Abdi while she was away. 'i tiptoed into the darkness and its the following day i checked my phone and found out that the lady had forgotten to log off her account on my phone.


'I gathered that there were very many guys before me that the lady had been communicating to and was to meet...'





A sample of msg from Adija S_._im posted to Juma Ahmed,Husein J,Babu I,David j m,Steve Q,Farouk,K.K,B k.M.M,Kaleb Kinyua...n the list goes on...below is the general message to wld be victims.


>>Naita adaja nataka tumit mimi na yaya nataka tubonge kafon



Msg to one Hussein Tiwani

>'naitya adija nataka tumit mimi na batyo tukuya nambya yangu 0727376266 kolim tubonge mimi na yaya,...


Sent to others in full names Babu Ibrahim, David Jeff Manyeso...all on the 15.06.2011, Farouk Kibet Kemboi 21.10.2010.... B k Moiz Moiz, Ayodele Olufemi Akanji......Oscar Lumbasho...Ken wachira, Imoro Issah Pious..... amongst others....over 20 different men.....last msg done when the facebook account was opened on 23.06.2010


NOTE: Kindly help us to replenish the Police with more info by contacting us if you got more information about the group, or anyone using facebook to commit illegal acts.