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Editor's Letter - Issue 9

Reading Karen Driscoll's story on page six made me come over all warm and fuzzy. Everyone loves a love story, but some love stories are just that little bit extra special. And the fact that Karen decided to propose to her soul mate in that's life! makes it extra extra special for all of us. 


Because it's a leap year, when tradition dictates that women can ask a man to marry them, we actually heard from three women who wanted to share their story of how they proposed. We were delighted to hear from them, but genuinely surprised when they each checked with their other halves and were told that they weren't as keen to go public! I reckon that's a shame. 


It's a wonderful, joyous thing to be asked by someone you love for your hand in marriage. So why should the girls get all the fun? 


I really admire women who take matters into their own hands and propose to their partners. I have to admit there were times when I wondered whether, after four very happy years together, I should pop the question to my now-husband, Simon. But I chickened out. It wasn't because I thought he'd say no. For some reason, I just couldn't bring myself to break with tradition. 


So for all the women out there who have done it, or are considering doing it this Feb 29 - you go girls! And do let us know how it goes. In turn, we will let you know if Karen gets a yes from Andrew. After reading about the strength of their relationship after some incredibly testing times, I am pretty confident she will. 


Also, this week, our latest Fast Fiction is out, so do look out for it at your local newsagent. I know a lot of you like to read a book at bedtime and I think the length of these great short stories are just perfect for that time of night. Happy reading!