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In the past, due to realistic outward appearances to real weapons and the potential for injury when recklessly operated, airsoft replicas had always been targeted at adult audiences, and as a result under age fans have had to look elsewhere to satisfy their appetite for airsoft replicas.

In the past Japanese airsoft manufactures had experimented with replicas targeted at younger audiences, however the products are either unrealistic looking or lacked in performance. In 2009 Tokyo Marui introduced the "Silver Bullet" series, breaking through the "children's version" equates "underperforming" stereotype. Following in late 2010, the "Real Finish" realistic finish version was released, allowing younger audiences the ability to own a realistic replica. The aim of this article is to show the world what "realistic children's replica" is capable of!


日本玩具槍廠過去雖然曾經推出過對應產品,但若不是外觀不仿真,就是性能表現不值一顧;TOKYO MARUI在2009年推出了「銀彈」系列,打破「兒童向」玩具槍「性能不佳」的刻板印象,2010年底又推出了「Real Finish」像真上色版本,讓小朋友也有自己的高像真玩具槍,這次就讓大家瞧瞧,什麼叫「高像真兒童玩具槍」!

Today's RF series follows the compact design trend with the "PPKS" and the "G26", with the latter in both full black and silver slide versions. Due to the full steel construction of the real PPKS, there is also the option of an eye catching full silver version.


Exterior realism is a crucial requirement in this series, and it does pleasantly surprise upon first seeing the replicas. However to be truly critical on their realism, the G26's markings far surpasses that of the PKK with its questionable licensing; due to third party licensing, the "PPKS" has been upgraded to the more advanced "PPKSS", with less emphasis on accurate markings.

Maybe due to the younger target audiences, exterior parts like the hammer, magazine release etc. is integrated directly into the replica. From the front of the replica we can tell that it is assembled by clamping of two mirroring exterior parts, and as a result the slide does not operate.



Both replicas has the aiming assistive white dots on their sights, with the G26 appearing more realistic, whereas maybe due to ease of use, the PPKSS also has the aiming dots that is not present on the real pistol. The anti-reflective strip across the top of the PPK's slide was not omitted, reaffirming Tokyo Marui's insistence on retaining realistic details.


Responsible for loading, chambering and firing, the trigger together with the magazine is the only operational part of the replica; all other parts are part of the main body of the replica, and serve no actual function.


The somewhat realistic magazine is locked in place by latches locates on each side of the replica piece, with a 15 round capacity that should satisfy the younger target audience; behind the loading nozzle is a replication of the real magazine's follower, however it serves no real function.


To see what's inside, there is no takedown latch to operate as on other replicas or the real pistol. 5 screws need to be removed from the right side of the replica.


After removing the screws you need to pry apart the two sides, and the innards will be exposed. From the intricate part integration, we can witness Tokyo Marui's mechanical experience and R&D. Due to the fact that most working components are located towards the rear, counterbalancing weights are placed near the nozzle for better overall balance.


Due to the distance between the magazine nozzle and the breech loading nozzle, there is a loading channel inside the left of the replica. Therefore when the magazine is empty, in actual fact there are still ten odd rounds left within the replica.


The power source of this series is the same as other spring powered pistol replicas, however with the integration of the loading and firing sequencing, it is somewhat similar to the Double Action "DA" trigger of the real pistol.


From the tear down parts we can see that when the magazine is not loaded, the trigger extension disconnects from the piston, forming a safety mechanism, and with the loading of the magazine the trigger extension re-engages with the piston, ready to fire. Upon pulling the trigger, the trigger extension pulls the barrel assembly backwards and loads a round into the chamber while compressing the rear spring. At the end of the trigger stroke the trigger extension disconnects with the piston, allowing it to spring forward, propelling the projectile.


Although it is advertised that the replica is able to achieve a 5cm CTC at a 5 meters target, you'd need to load it with the recommended lightweight 0.12g BB to replicate the result.


Although the series focuses on realism, it is ultimately targeted at entertaining younger users. Thoughts have also gone into the included paper targets, where other than the adorable size, "Rock, Scissor, Paper" are also printed on the target cards for extra shooting game variety.

If you were looking for new shooting experience, the Silver Bullet RF series are sure to give you a "realistic" feel. For those with stressful jobs, and does not want to invite unnecessary attention shooting powerful GBB pistols, this children focused replica could be your secret to stress relieve!



產品規格 / Product Specification

製造商 / Manufacturer: TOKYO MARUI


全長 / Length:158mm/167mm(PPKSS/G26)

重量 / Weight:125g/135g(PPKSS/G26)

裝彈數 / Magazine Capacity:15(6mmBB彈)