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How to look after Tulsi Devi

How to look after Tulsi Devi

I would like to help devotees how to keep Tulasi in non-tropical circumstances. This article mainly for the protection of Tulasi Devi.
Unfortunately I have seen so many examples how devotees get her an after she dies under their hands.

1.You got to have the principle first: Tulasi Devi is not an ordinary plant!
2. You got to look after her like she would be a baby. she needs a lot of care and attention...at least in the West.
3. Devotion is not enough, you need to keep sufficient light and heat up! And the proper amount of watering.
4. You got to make her as your life and soul!
5. You got to spend laksmi and get the right equipment.

If you water too much her roots get rotten and she will leave. Try to water regularly once or twice a week or more depends on circumstances. When you notice that the ends of the leaves and small manjaris (Flowers) turn brown there is a big chance you watered her to much. Keep soil wet a bit always but not too wet.

Weather change:
When we are going to winter time, here in UK You got to put light on for her. I need about from 7th September to 7th April. If you do not do first her leaves get moldy then they shrink. I need to keep light for 7 months and from that in the middle time , for 5 months need 12 hours light up, she cannot get practically any direct sunlight. After this long period decrease the amount of artificial light and try to have a direct sunlight.

Find the best window, possible South, if you can, then she can get a lot of Sun even during winter time. i have only East window. The opposite houses covers the Sun at the sunrise. So at winter it is quite heavy as by the time the Sun reaches the height it is already nearly at about 11am.

You need to keep at least 18 Celsius but better 20 Celsius on. Do not need more (but can have), she is OK with this.

In Uk You can by, what I use for her, Growell saving light. I use the blue one as that is for growing green. She gets a lot of manjaris on during the artificial light. During winter she lost the her bottom part the leaves as she only gets light from top.


I use Sun Mate. This comes with different saving light bulbs. I use 125W blue, this is the smallest one.

It is good to keep in a small greenhouse in your house in the winter. The radiators usually in front the windows. So if you put in front the window will be close to the radiator. The greenhouse which have plastic walls keep the heat in from the radiator. You can freely open the window and air your room.

The first, small green house:

This is the second, bigger green house:

You can buy online. I bought them in B&Q.

Outdoor green house:
If you lucky you keep your Tulasi in an outdoor green house. At Scottish ISKCON they survive during winter without any artificial light as the light, maybe just indirect sometimes but gets around Tulasi whole day.

Pick the flowers down regularly as they take a lot of strength from Tulasi.
I just changed the cover for the green house, so she doesn't need to get the sun through plastic. Unfortunately people quite in my mouth, so I needed to put a lace cover on so I can keep the blinds open whole day.

I hope this inspired and helped you a bit. If You need any help, I try to help You, just ask!

Courtesy - Vilasa-m dd