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Anti-GLBT push polling reported in 5th congressional district -- another reason to make sure you vote in State General Election

I've seen two reports and heard a third report of anti-equality push polling going on in the 5th Congressional District, a seat currently held by Congressman Jim Cooper who represents Nashville, Mt. Juliet, and Ashland City.  The polling is apparently being conducted by Cooper's opponent, David Hall. 


Here's a link to the first report:  http://twitter.com/Sean_Braisted/status/21508438057 .  It comes from progressive blogger Sean Braisted.


Here's a link to the second report:  http://twitter.com/AuntB/status/22309797554 .  It comes from another progressive blogger Aunt B.


I heard the third report on Saturday night from a member of Nashville's GLBT community. 


Push polling is basically an attempt to influence voters by testing whether certain information changes their mind.  In this case, the opposition knows that Congressman Cooper is popular in the 5th district, so they are trying to see whether a good record on equality (Congressman Cooper supported the hate crimes bill and is a sponsor of ENDA) turns people off.


TEP obviously condemns any attempt by any candidate to make Tennessee's GLBT community a negative in his or her campaign.  Mr. Hall says on his campaign website that he would work to pass a federal marriage discrimination amendment http://www.justvotehall.com/issues.htm#MARRIAGE .  So it's not hard to believe that the push poll originates with his campaign. 


Please, report any instance of anti-equality campaigning you are aware of this fall to info@tnep.org  so that we can make the community aware of it.  We also ask you to make sure you vote in the State General Election to make your voice heard.  Early voting takes place October 13-28 and Election Day is November 2.


-Chris Sanders

 Chair, TEP Nashville Committee and Board Member of TEP PAC