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First things first...

I'm writing a book...to help people with the things I've struggled with and still continue to run a round or two to defend myself from.  I pray that it helps you in reading as much as it has helped me in experiencing. 



First Things First

If you know more about others than you do about yourself, then defining your purpose and knowing your gift may be as difficult as solving a calculus problem.  Possibly you have conditioned yourself to worry about others and their welfare first.  You may come second (hopefully God is your number one), or sadly you rank lower than the top five.  But ultimately, you have left yourself off of the priority list.  You have become a stranger in your own body!  Why?  Codependent, maybe.   A low self-worth, possibly.  But like most humans, our intuitive thought has somehow been clicked into a dormant state of mute.  We have turned the volume down on our conscious reality and the channel has changed from the days of our lives to the ever so dramatics of the young and the restless!