aneel ahmad films 2005 -2017
Here are a few teasers for some of my short films since the turn of this decade 2005-2017. (Independent short cinema) With my latest short a costume period drama that will be finally completed for film festival release this year. From shooting abroad USA PAK UK on various social and political issues to English costume dramas. I am proud of the fact that I have worked on a range of stories and topics from different genres and cinema style.
Emmott & Rowland 2017 (Fiction Short film)

Emmott & Rowland were sweethearts and their story is a sad and romantic tragedy which has captured the imaginations of people who read about it. Set in Eyam Plague Village (England in 1665/66)

Rickshaw Passenger (Short film Fiction) 2015
The Rickshaw Passenger a short film about Imtiaz a Rickshaw driver, who gives a ride to Tameena, a hotel call girl and begins waiting for her daily; he falls in love with her and is trying to rescue her from the horrors of poverty and prostitution.

Checkpost (Fiction short film) 2014

Three lives that will never be the same again. Three lives wounded by one bullet. On a remote highway in Pakistan, the sandy roadside reverberates with the sound of a sudden gunshot. A lone film crew instinctively hits the ground. Elsewhere, Roshan Khan and his son Sheikhu make their way across Pakistan making a routine delivery. From the moment the golden shell tore into British documentary filmmaker Shahid Elahi, a chain of International events were initiated.
Chris Bacon Man of Steel BBC Three short documentary 2014
A six-minute short documentary. Chris Bacon is an ex professional British cruiser-weight Boxer Judo/MMA fighter, born in Australia and now residing in Manchester, trained by Bob Shannon a long time Manchester boxing coach.

Boy In The Tree (short film fiction) 2011
Boy in the Tree is a short film about people's hopes, goals, dreams and desires and how people strive to achieve those desires under adverse circumstances. Give the world the best you have and you might get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you've got anyway
Boot Polish Fictional short film (2007)

A shoeshine boy on the dusty streets of Lahore dreams of rescuing a beautiful courtesan. Boot Polish is a film about dreams. Barbar and Lalita work side by side in the dusty streets of Lahore. Barbar is a shoeshine boy and Lalita a local courtesan, a girl prized for her beauty and grace. Barbar dreams of rescuing Lalita from the poverty that traps them both. One day, he's pushed to the edge
Waiting for Sunrise (Short documentary) 2005

Waiting for Sunrise is a short documentary covering a wide range of Social and political subjects - Kids are living in shanty towns, abused and living in extreme poverty.
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