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All You Need is Cat Love - Whisker Wars

Cats! We all love them. You’re probably reading this because you love cats. They’re cute and fluffy little packages of joy that brighten our days just by being who they are. Those little sandpaper tongues on your cheek in the morning, the head butts for attention, the cuddles, the soft fur, the funny expressions and questioning looks, the purring, the friendship, the LOVE! Yup, cats are awesome, and we love them all. Every last one of ‘em! 



Yes! You got it Rachel, it’s true! The “Best Cats of the Internet” just happen to be exceptionally cute, unique and lovable in their own way. Which is probably why they’re famous, and definitely why it’s so fun to discuss what makes each cat awesome! Some cats have the cute thing going, others have a special talent, others have the personality, yes, some are 2D - but they’re still a favorite to someone out there. We love sitting around talking cats! The cat bracket is meant to create some smiles and get some discussion going about cool cats! We’ve seen lots of great conversations happening out there...like this one!



Keep the cat love flowing and see you out there on the playing field!