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© Jung S Kim for AWPS2014 SLIDESHOW

The “Circle II” series is a narrative about emotions derived from the artist’s childhood experience. In this series, the sentiments are projected onto various different characters from traditional Korean folk tales based upon a simple dichotomy of good and evil with a clear-cut moral message that good always wins. Now, these character-roles are transformed into self-portraits of the artist herself, which brings out feelings that are drastically visualized. Four different strategies are used to map the artist’s subjectivity and memory of the fictional characters: first, a 

direct but exaggerated empathy between the artist and a character. Second, an unnatural beatification of an evil character transformed as a psychological attempt in coping with the negativity itself. Third, an emphasis of extreme fear that amplified the latter’s vicious and immoral power. Last, a cynical figure of moral hypocrisy. During the creativity process, the artist transformed her memories into casual emotional vent, 

which became a personal therapy point.

© Jung S Kim for AWPS2014 SLIDESHOW

Jung S Kim was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. Recently, she has been invited to attend NYTimes-Lens NY Portfolio Review and her work was chosen for inclusion in “Photography NOW 2014” at CPW, NY. Also, she was awarded as one of "The 2013 Grand Prix Juror Award of Merit winners" of Grand Prix de Découverte. Consecutively, her “Circle II” series was chosen for “Best of 2013”, Editions Bessard in Paris has published her “Circle I-I and II” series in 2013. Elsewhere her work has been exhibited at Arles Photo Festival in France, Collateral Event of 
the Venice Biennale in Italy, Kwangju Biennale, Seoul Metropolitan Museum, Daelim Museum in Korea.