(Originally posted on 2016-05-06)
by Paul Danger Kile, All Rights Reserved
(The posing and lighting guides are below.)
The "Hers" blog Facebook page has a "Posing for one" guide. I think that the negative reader comments are interesting:
“The right way to make some one look better ????? In who's eyes !!! That's awful I'm sorry but this wrong on so many levels...so thinner arms make the shot better ??? Really come on this is hiding who you really are it's as bad as photoshop ...if you have fat arms or belly or bum so what you don't look any less sexy ..in fact if you show your flaws and own them with confidence there is nothing more beautiful or sexy than that !!!!fact!!!! This is silly. People, love yourselves for who you are, not for what you think is the socially acceptable version of beauty. She looks thin whatever pose she makes cause SHE.IS.THIN”
When you put a set of images in front of a subject, which ones do they want? The ones with the better poses. Plus: posing-well is easier, and more accurate, than digital editing.
Here are some posing and portrait guides from Digital Camera World: