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ford plant says goodbye

the past few months we at the ford plant have been thinking a lot about the past, present and future of our venue.  reminisced about all of the amazing bands we’ve had over the years.   all of the amazing people we’ve met.  


we sincerely feel we’ve accomplished, and even surpassed, every goal we’ve made for ourselves as the ford plant and believe this is the right time to move on with our lives and pursue other interests.


with a mix of sadness and happiness we would like to announce that we have decided to close down the ford plant.


we feel we’ve proved to people that a business can exist in a forgotten part of town, not relying on money to fuel our collective drive.  all money that has been made at the ford plant went into the ford plant.  no greed.  no ulterior motives.  just a venue where kids can come and enjoy music and art without pressures of alcohol and pre-judgement.  we were here for the music. nothing more, nothing less,  and we’re proud that we never wavered from our ideals.no matter how many people told us to look for hand-outs, or change certain things we were proud to take only what we needed, even if it meant giving from our own pockets.the ford plant was our gift to brantford.


in the 8 years we’ve put on shows at 1 king st. we’ve seen some of the biggest bands in the country play in our tiny, crumbling building.  we’ve had the pleasure to give local bands a venue to showcase their own original music, be it how sloppy or amateur.  all were welcome to perform. we watched the brantford scene grow before our eyes and are honoured to have been even a little part of it. there are no words to express how indebted we are to everyone who has helped us along the way.  every person who stepped foot into the ford plant is to be thanked and give credit for the 8 amazing years we’ve had.  


we walk away from 1 king st. full of accomplishment and full of love for brantford.  the hard times and the grey hairs are all but trivial now.  there is nothing but loving memories and we walk away with the family we’ve made throughout the years.


we will be having a funeral of sorts under the name MURDERED CITY oct. 22nd and 23rd with some special guests and past friends coming to say goodbye.  details soon.we encourage everyone to take advantage of the the ford plant in the next few months, coming to the meligrove band/cursed arrows/dd/mm/yyyy show on sept. 17th and all the rest of the planned shows coming up.


if you take anything away from the ford plant, it should be that any and all is possible.  we did this without money, without encouragement and without a clue.  we had heart and drive and i think we’ve proved that sometimes that’s all you need.  if you have an idea or dream, be it small or big, please look at us and say “if these bunch of scoundrels can do it, then i sure can!” and go with it, no matter what anyone tells you.


we love you.  we’ll miss you.the ford plant.