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Diane Feinstein Calls for Extradicting Assange to U.S.

 Tuesday, July 10, 2012

 By Tom Hayden | The Peace and Justice Resource Center


 Implicating herself on Pentagon’s side in a historic First Amendment controversy, US Senator Diane Feinstein is calling for the extradition and prosecution of Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks who is presently inside the Ecuadoran embassy in London. Feinstein, head of the joint intelligence committee, told a Syndey, Australia, paper in a written statement that Assange “has caused serious harm to US security and should be prosecuted accordingly.(Sydney Morning Herald, July 2)



 WikiLeaks caused “serious harm to US security”


 Feinstein, who has never criticized US secret operations or drone attacks in Afghanistan or Pakistan, could be subject to allegations that she has failed in her oversight responsibilities and is scapegoating Assange instead. The WikiLeaks founder released thousands of documents about US killings of Afghan and Iraqi civilians and secret CIA military operations that prosecutors will have to prove caused “serious harm to US security.” The WikiLeaks documents were published in the New York Times and several other newspapers of record around the world, under First Amendment protection.


 Assange could face extradition to the US


 Ecuador is considering Julian Assange’s request for asylum, under considerable pressure from the UK, Sweden and the US. A British court has ruled he can be extradited to Sweden, where he faces sex-related charges brought by *(two Swedish women). At any point during the process he could face extradition to the US.


<p>  The case could turn into the trial of the century</p>


 If extradited, the Assange case could turn into the trial of the century, comparable to the Pentagon Papers case which contributed to the downfall of Richard Nixon four decades ago.


 Julian conspired with convicted Pfc. Bradley Manning



 The US Justice Department has been weighing evidence that Assange conspired with convicted Pfc. Bradley Manning in an unauthorized release of Pentagon documents. The Assange defense rests on the First Amendment and the absence of any evidence that “serious harm” was done to national security beyond embarrassing government officials.



– The Peace and Justice Resource Center;



– Don't shoot the Messenger | *It's important to make it quite clear that it is not the two Swedish women who have accused Julian Assange of any sex-related crime. - There is a tricky swedish sex-crime law that almost declares women incapable of managing their own charges in sex-related crimes, so consequently - it is the prosecutor backed up by the two womens lawyer that tries to charge Julian Assange - as far as known the two women themselves have rejected accusing Assange. - As their lawyer is a well-known state-feminist politician with high political ambitions, the whole case stinks! - It is the Swedish state against Julian Assange and nothing else!