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"A Game of Character"

Click this link to watch the 18 minute Interview with Coach Robinson



Charlie Rose interviewed Craig Robinson, who is the head basketball coach at Oregon State University, former head coach at Brown University, former standout player at Princeton, and also brother-in-law to President Obama.


In this interview he talks about the premise of his book, and his experience with basketball and strength of character.  He talks about how the lessons he learned in basketball are ones that help athletes develop into top tier competitors in athletics, and develop into leaders in life.


Empower the Athlete recently used this interview as a teaching point with their high school athletes.  The video was "required reading" with this short quiz follow up:

  1. What is your impression of Coach Robinson?
  2. What do you think Coach Robinson means by "character"?  How would you define "character"? (there is no right or wrong answer for this question)
  3. True or False: Coach Robinson’s parents graded him and his sister on how hard they worked, not on how well they did.
  4. What were the 2 big focuses in basketball at Princeton that were a new way of seeing and playing the game for Robinson?
  5. Why did Coach Robinson's sister want him to play basketball with Barack Obama when she first started dating him?
  6. What are some of the parallels in Coach Robinson’s experiences to yours as an athlete? What do you think were the biggest points he makes that pertain to your involvement in athletics?
  7. What do you think Coach Robinson's dad meant when he told him that he could tell a players personality on the basketball court?  How could he do that/ what was he watching for?
  8. If someone saw you play lacrosse, but has never met you before, what do you think they would say about your personality?  What would they say are the strengths of your personality? What would they say are your traits that need improvement?
  9. What are the types of plays in a game that reveal your character?  How can you play so that if people are watching they might get a really positive impression about you as a person?
  10. Do you think Coach Robinson is happy in his life and his profession?  Do you think he feels fulfilled?