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Future of Foamy! It's all you!

Thanks to all those who helped out withKickstarter. The new Foamy project is now waaaaaayyyy over funded.What does that mean? Well, I figure in addition to lowering the priceof the disc for everyone, I'm going to try to get some Foamy &Germaine plush prototypes made. Making plush takes awhile, there's awhole approval process and re-designing that need to be done, so thatadds up, but at least that initial cost should be out of the way bythe time the 2014 Foamy & Germaine plush project gets underway.Should also knock back the funding goal a bit and at least I'll havean actual prototype of the plush available to show everyone ratherthan just some doodles of an idea.

Support like this really makes mewonder if I've been limiting the series. Pre-kickstarter, the cost ofevery Dvd, Cd, Shirt and so on came out of my pocket, making theability to make different Foamy things very difficult. A lot of toughchoices had to be made and a lot of things never came to be.

So with that in mind, the future ofFoamy stuff, like Action Figures, Plush, Video Games and anythingelse fans can think of, will be left in the hands of the fans.Meaning, if there's something you really want made, let me know. Ican always put the project out there and if enough people want it, itshall be done! Post an idea or comment. I do read them.