Healing, love, forgiveness, freedom from wrong and eternal life for you and all whom you write to.

Jesus died for sinners so they may be healed from sickness and sin, be renewed and live for God. Let others experience the same.

Discover love and truth, you and your people, get born again and follow Jesus. Let others discover the same. www.1herz.net/english

Come. Best explanation and invitation into the kingdom of God I know www.kingdompassport.eu. The difference j.mp/World-Realm. Think j.mp/think2denk. Mercy j.mp/mercy-word.
Watch. God works by His Spirit today as in the times of the first disciples of Jesus - Live-film with subtitles in many languages, pioneer-school and training. Plus - Find a kickstart event or people on the world map who baptize you in water and spirit and kickstart you. www.thelastreformation.com
We can have videocall, voicecall (Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype ...) or phone if you want.
Abundant blessings, Klaus www.good-leading.com
Love projects www.loveflow.org