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Written Updates - IPKKND ( 26 june 2012 )



                                                                                  Part 1 :-


Anji walking through the corridor while on phone... Shyaam is closing da door after coming out..she den stops walkign nd removes her phone from her ears..Anji luk at shyaam nd den shyaam also turns nd looks at her..he den goes to her..anji is like from long time am tryna call uu..why were u nt picking upp? but wht were u doing in Arnav's room? he gets all tensed nd says wen did u cme rani saheba? and dere was a function at ur frnds house na..hw waz it..evrything went good.. Anji says all dt was fine.. i called u sme minutes ago saying dt we hav an appointment wid da doctor..nd den u said dt u r just cming down. shyaam keeps his hand on his forhead nd say forgive me.. actually i was finding my mobile thats why i was finding here nd dere nd says i mean i cant cme widout my phone na.. she says yeah..but wht will ur mobile do in Arnav's room..


In Arshi room :-


Khushi sstill sitting on da floor wid her back on da bed.. Nk cmes and plays da recording saying wht all shyaam was saying.. Khushi says i am feeling disgusted..hw can i do diz.. nd say snk dt she cant do diz nk..nk says luk at da brighther side v needed to record nd we did..nd say am soory u had to do diz.. she says am doing all diz wid da person i hate da most..he touched me nd i cud nt evn stop him..nd says am feeling like.. he cnitnues feeling like wht u had to do for arnav..u did all dt....right khushhiji? nd says we still hav to keep an eye of wht shyaam does..khushi says we hav to get da pendrive..nd nk says i hav to take da camera also dt i kept in his room..nd says nt to worry nd says he wil go to his room nd khushi shud go to nk's room..khushi agrees..


Shyaam says i cudnt find da phone dtz y i was finding..nd says i think it is in da room only..i wil go nd checkk again..nd was abt to leave wen anji asks wht he is wearing on his neck..shyaam says dt khushi had gone to temple nd had bought diz protection thread for every1... so i wore it..nd he says her to go nd he will cme..anji agrees shyaam leaves.. khushi cmes out of da room nd collide wid anji's back..khushi apologizes saying she dint see only.. anji says den u shud hav seen nd walk na.. and why do such a work for wht u hav to apologize..shyaam calls anji she says dt she is cming..Anji gives a small smile ot khushi nd leaves..khushi kind of confused..



                                  Part 2 :-


Khushi shows NK da laptop nd says her luk wht it is? den dey start scrolling.. dose are da WILL papers.. nd NK starts readin wht is rittten saying dt he is appointing Shyaam as da only Owner of diz WILL.. khushi is shokd nd says wht? Nk says dt it is da soft copy of wht he has madee.. nd den NK scrolls down nd says khushi dt Arnav has also signed it.. nd den khushi says y will arnav make such papers.. Nk says exactly..why? den Khushi gets flasback of how she clickd da piks of da paper dt shyaam gave... den khushi takes her phone nd sees nd get shokd.. den khushi says dt it is dose paper she took da signatures of Arnav.. she says he must hav made a trick of signing.. nd den she says its my fault..coz of me his life is in danger.. nd starts crying nd says its all her fault.. nk says noo..its nt like dt.. she den goes.. Nk calls her to stop but she leaves.. Akaash is outside da venue of da party nd is waiting.. he den sees Payal nd den Akaash goes to payal nd says her how long she took.. he says her cme lets go nd turns to leave.. den he sees dt she is nt cming.. he asks her wht happnd nd ask wht is she wearing nd why cant she walk.. payal says dt she wore new sandals nd is nt used to it.. he says if u r nt used to den why did u wear.. he den says okay forget it nd try to balance.. he den catches her hand nd walks but she trips.. he den says her wht was da use of wearing.. if she cudnt walk den wht was da use.. payal says why r u shouting nd says she has done it for him..he says for him.. i dint say u... she says smething. nd den akaash realizes dt all she had been doing..he gets frustated nd says Bhai is nt here i hav to luk aftr da work nd on top of dt u..he den says smething more...den payal says says problem? den no need to do anything..he says right nd says her to remove da sandals nd cme.. akaash leaves for da car nd payal feeling all bad..


Khushi infront on DM.. she recollects how she had gone to Arnav to get da sign on dose papers..Khushi says am sorry DM.. i shud hav neva done diz..i just thought of me.. to prove my innocence infront of him.. i dint even think dt wht problem wud hav facec for arnav.. nd says i dnt wanna prove..wht he thinks of me nd all..i dnt wanna prove to him.. i cant bear dt he is in porblem nd dt to because of me.. den she says no..i wnt accept defeat soon..i wont fall weak..diz all happnd coz u were nt wid me..but nw u r.. nd evrything will be fine.. right!!? den nk cmes from back nd keeps his hand on her shoulder she turns nd he says yeah..evrything wil be fine nd we will find out a way.. khushi asks abt da pendrive.. he says he has kept it back..but wht now? wht do we do next? Khushi den turns to DM nd folds her hand..nk does da same..khushi says Dm to giv her strength for wht she is going to do next...


Da Kidnappers cmes in.. he doesnt see Arnav dere.. he starts searching for him.. he is throwing da boxes cming in his way he sees arnav nd den points his gun at him..Arnav says wht happnd? nw only u got scared.. wht will happen wen i really runaway.. Arnav says him to tell his boss dt he will runaway before sunrise..*my god..arnav was looking soooo...*


Shyaam is cming downstair.. Khushi in poolside.. khushi says DM to giv her stregth.. Shyaam asks khushi as to why she called him dere in da morning..she says dt v both knw why arnav married me.. nd now anyways it has become a joke nd i want to end it.. but before dt can u do me a favour..he says sure.. u dnt even need to ask am wid u..she says u lieing..nt from nw but before.. u were never wid me nd never be.. u r forgetting dt u r married.. 



                                                                                    Part 3 :-


Mami says wht happnd if i hav sprain.. iinvestigation will nt stop.. she checks her list if she has evrything nd den goes for her mimssionShyaam is like i hav said u before also..just say anything i will do..she says ok i will say wht i want.. mami cmin down da stairs.. Khushi says how much ever proeprty i will own it wont matter to him.. it will matter only wen u..her sister..she stops nd den turns.. her back facing him... den he says dt u mean i shud leave anji..divorce her haan? she turns to him nd den says to break his ego diz is da best way.. 


                                                                     Precap :-


Arnav doing Pushups wid da help of smething... Den he stops wen he feels dt da kidnapper are behind him.. he gets up nd sits.. he den says dem *wid attitude* wht happnd? only u 3? call da others also.. den stops nd den says.. no problem coz dere will be no use.. i will surely runawayy



  yaar loveeeeeeeeddddddd da wayy he says diz to da kidnapper.. ♥♥♥♥♥♥