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Iss pyar ko kya naam doon

Rich, arrogant, successful, ruthlessly cold and nasty, obviously doesn’t know or understand love, emotions or anything that grow and rise from the human heart-we have our lead man. Sweet, simple, innocent, rearing to go, bubbly, god fearing, optimistic and romantic to sum her up! This is our lead girl. We are talking about Is Pyaar ko kyaa naam doon that started on 6th of June 2011, on StarPlus that airs at 8 PM every Monday to Friday.

Set in the backdrop of Lucknow, the show opens with the hustle bustle of a wedding household where Khushi in the midst of her sister Payals wedding preparations is busy convincing her sister why dowry taking a wrong and she will talk to Abhishek the groom to be and let him know of the same. Her innocence and her faith in humanity are well reflected in this scene as she secretly takes off on her scooter with her Devi Maiyyas blessings to stop the wrong from happening. Both the sisters are worried since Khushi's father is putting up his sweet shop for mortgage to cover the expense and demand from the boy’s side. A Devi Maiyya bhakt Khushi will not let this happen and decides to take things in her hands. She takes a chance and disappears to return in time for the wedding to make sure no wrong happens and that’s how she unfortunately lands up in the high profile fashion show of Arnav Raizada.

In a typical filmy style Arnav Singh Raizada is introduced descending a helicopter to seal a business deal and settle scores from the past. Arnav Raizada is shown as a man who makes his own rules and doesn’t believe in principles made by the world. Arnav is a man shying from the present and hiding from the past. Flashes are shown where his mother walks out of their lives during his sister’s wedding. Is this another Jab we met back story? We don’t know yet. So shattered is this young boy by the past that he can’t come out of the shadow of the pain created by it.

He is now a ruthless business man who doesn't care a bit about people or their sentiments. He is hard driven only by success. When he encounters Khushi on the ramp, he is quick to think of her to be a spy from the enemy camp and thoroughly humiliates her. Photographs of the show are taken where Khushi is caught in an embarrassing position with Arnav Raizada. Arnav questions Khushi and doesn’t let her go off her hence resulting in the marriage being called off and the mother blaming Khushi for the mishap. Khushi's father however understands why Khushi did what she did and totally supports her. It is at this stage that it is revealed that Khushi is indeed not their own daughter but an orphan who is adopted and raised by her mother’s younger sister whom she fondly calls Amma. Khushi’s bua instigates and humiliates her further mentioning the same.

Next day Arnav and Khushi land up in the same Dargah where they once again bump into one another and this time Khushi gives it back to him putting him back in his place. Her behaviour infuriates Arnav even more and he ensures their video footage from the fashion show is published and flashed across all News Channels. This causes major flutter and embarrassment for Khushi and her family and her mother who barely has reconciled from her older daughters the broken marriage, takes a stand to send off Khushi and Payal to Delhi with their Bua. What will the future hold, is anyone’s guess....

Will this step have Khushi getting one step closer to Arnav ?

Will Arnav realise  Khushi's innocence  and forgive her?

Will Delhi be the place for Arnav and Khushi to come together ?

The characterisation of Khushi is interesting with many shades reflected in all the four promos aired. While the first one shows her to be a fire brand with a heart of gold, the second one indicates she is a never say die romantic, the third one reflects her simple creative side and the last one goes on to show the painful side of her love story with the other lead. Even during the first week, she is shown as an extremely  positive and optimistic person, who chooses to put her sadness and pain aside by making a shop load of jalebis to ease off her anger.

Arnav on the other hand is only a business man who believes money can buy anything in the world. He only softens towards his older sister who walks with a limp in the leg and hence wants to make sure he sets that one right as well. He has a cold exterior but, it’s obvious there is more to explore of this man and the character.

As much as we know of Khushi, that little we know of Arnav.

The treatment of the show is like a regular romantic TV show with the girl and the boy bumping into each other at all places at all times. The rivalry and the reason for hatred are established right at the start what with Arnav humiliating Khushi and she running after him to prove why he is wrong. The first week establishes the stark contrast between the two leads and what's in store for them. Scenes like the introduction of Arnav as an on-looker questions Khushi about her Raj Kumar, in a Helicopter up in the sky, while she is riding a simple scooty, Khushi having undying faith in god while Arnav brutally wanting to prove he is second to no one, not even God, yet bowing down before his sister who means the world to him, give us a fairly large scope of thought to imagine where this story could be heading.

Some of the scenes that could be recollected are the first angsty brush between Khushi and Arnav where she safely lands in his arms and subsequently is humiliated by him, the Dargah sequence where both of them have their hit and misses, where Khushi turns out to be the one person who finds the key to the lock he has dropped only indicate this is going to one more of those die-hard Mills n Boon romance stories that will give young girls sleepless nights!

Well, we have precedent to prove the same, with likes of Armaan, Maan, Samrat, Mayank who have gone on to become cult names. This show like the other three is being directed by Nissar Parvez whose touch fans rave about and talk about. So will we get to see more of those trip and fall, brush and move away, fight and make up, insult and support, love and hate sequences in the coming days? With a tag line like Nafrat paas aane na de.. Mohabaat door jaane na de, we wonder how long will it be before the leads share the same roof forcing the two to fight their fate and succumb to the devil named love. Well, we will have to wait and watch, but for now the show has made a fairly decent start and also faces the pressure and challenge of a hit show behind them! We wish them luck and hope to see history repeating itself.

TellyDarshan rates this show 7/10 during its first week with one point just for all those brilliantly crafted and thought out promos.


Niha and Navya

-TellyDarshan Team