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Davenport IA - Vertical Church Tour

Ten things from Night 2 in Davenport, Iowa. Landon MacDonald


1. On our way to Iowa I was talking to a Harvest pastor; I sighed heavily about the cornfields we were going to drive through. He replied by saying, "that's where I’m from."


2. All of the Harvest Chicago elders drove out to the event. What a special visit from so many godly men.


3. We came to the same room on the Walk in the Word Tour 2007. Thinking back on all the Lord has done in Harvest and in me since the last time I was here is just a sweet blessing.


4. People LOVE the song “Open Up the Heavens.” By people I mean me.


5. Pastor James BRINGS IT. If you haven't heard this message, man, you need to.


6. I had the best gyro I have ever had yesterday. I don't know where it was from, but it changed my life.


7. I had the privilege of meeting the man from this weekend's God at Work video. What an amazing testimony.


8. A man did a cartwheel down the aisle to win a copy of the new Vertical Church record.


9. Chick-fil-A on the road was 100 times more exciting before we had them in Chicago.


10. Someone stocked our bus with delicious cheeses.