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Tampa FL - Vertical Church Tour

Update from Adam Skidmore - Audio Technician


My role on the tour has been to be the Audio tech for the events.


What that entails is that I deal with all the sound production aspects of the events. Its been a challenge but also a lot of fun having these events in so many different environments. I have to really work to get a good sound for worship each day. This can sometimes be hard depending on what the venue offers us. We have been fortunate to not have too many issues with production on the tour, which is an answer to many prayers. Today about the smoothest event we have had on the tour. Our load in went very smoothly and we were blessed to have a number of volunteers that helped tremendously to get the equipment loaded in the building. As far as stage setup was concerned we had a much lighter setup than previous events. We did not wind up using the backdrop or any of the genies in the set, which are the more taxing parts of the setup. This allowed us to get an early start on stage setup and sound check. We were very fortunate that the venue was very well equipped production-wise.

We have been fortunate enough to have almost all of our events completely packed out, and today was no exception. People were pouring out their hearts to God through worship and it was such a blessing to be a part of it.


Pastor James preached with an intensity and boldness that he has carried on throughout the whole tour. Praise God for the way that peoples’ lives are being change through the message. We were blessed to have most of our volunteers stick around to help with the tear down afterward. This allowed us to have one of our fastest load outs ever. Looking back on the tour I would just like to say how much of an amazing experience it has been to see God working in peoples' lives at each city we've been to. I am blessed being able to use my talents for the Lord. It’s been a joy to work with the crew that we have and it's hard to imagine we have just one event left.  Please pray that we would finish strong with our last event. Pray for Pastor James that he would have the strength to bring it one more time. Pray for safe travel as we are on our way back. Lastly pray that peoples’ hearts would be tender and ready for this last event.