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44 Lines About 22 SIGGRAPHs

44 Lines About 22 SIGGRAPHs

1.    Meeting Todd Rundgren on the escalator in Atlanta.

2.    GWU Death Van to Chicago

3.    The SGI Booth

4.    “Hi Bingo!”

5.    Having MGM Studios in Orlando all to ourselves. 

6.    My Dinner with Greg and Rob.

7.    Pixar/PDI Pool Party

8.    “Ken Perlin, who stays in NY because he likes the noise” (SIGGRAPH Bowl III)

9.    Pixar walking teapots

10. “That’s not a question, that’s a cry for help” – ask Dr. SIGGRAPH

11. ToyStory

12. Hanging with Star Troopers at a screening of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

13. SIGGRAPH Curriculum Knowledge Base (we miss you Tony)

14. Ladies and Gentlemen:  Jim Blinn and his infinite stream of ribbons

15. Can’tfind the aircraft carrier in San Diego for the Autodesk party.

16. “A model for simulating the photographic development process on digital images”

17. I remember….The Alamo

18. Lime shooters at the dueling piano bar in Orlando

19. Richard Chuang’s home movies / distance learning back in the day

20. Dreamworks Educators Symposiums

21. Technical papers fast-forward.

22. Stupid Renderman Tricks

23. Fiat Lux

24. Disney Research reception in New Orleans

25. Morgan-Kauffman and AK Peters and the parties they hosted

26. Do you hear the people render? (http://tinyurl.com/k4bjj8f)

27. “Keep Jim Blinn in America”

28. Professional Chapter Parties especially Kaboom (Chicago) and Exchange LA (Los Angeles)

29. SIGGRAPH lapel pins, collect them…trade them with your friends!

30. SIGGRAPH posters, collect them…trade them with your friends!

31. SIGGRAPH mugs, collect them…trade them with your friends!

32. Virtual Theatre

33. Shadow Puppets (1993)

34. Group PONG with red and green paddles.

35. RIT Alumni Receptions

36. My students’ first SIGGRAPH poster

37. TheWeb3D roundup

38. SIGBAND– in Chicago 1992.

39. Floops in VRML

40. Sorry I missed the Douglas Adams keynote address

41. Staying in the same hotel as the sequestered OJ jurors in LA.

42. Pixar in Concert by the LA Philharmonic.

43. Premiere of “The Story of Computer Graphics”

44. Happy SIGGRAPH, Daria!