Justin Archer: Why, How & What I Do
Hello there [Awesome Amazing Person], My name is Justin Archer (that’s me in the picture above chain surfing in San Diego, Ca). It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Look, I know this page is suppose to be about me - and I'll get to that in just a moment - but I have to ask: How can I help YOU today? Seriously... I LOVE helping people realize their true potential, turn their dreams into reality, overcome obstacles in their life, crush their fears, solve their problems and accomplish their goals by elevating their physical, mental and emotional well-being so that they can become the absolute best version of themselves possible, and then go out in the world and help others do the same.
(You know, like how Morpheus did with Neo in The Matrix. I love that movie.
And that's because I feel so grateful to have the life that I have - married to a woman who far surpasses anybody I could spend a lifetime dreaming up (Ania Kozlowska-Archer), amazing friends and family, healthy mind and body, the time and freedom to pursue what truly matters to me the most, traveling around the world to visit spectacular places, and the glue that holds everything together, our pit bull "Carmen" - that I feel compelled to help others achieve the same level of joy in their own lives.
Aawww.....aren't we cute?
So what exactly is it that I do? Well, I've never been comfortable with labels, but I'll do my best to paint you a word picture... I mentor people on how to optimize their WELLth...
Wellth noun | \welth\ A new and more valuable life currency: a life exemplified by abundance, happiness, purpose, health, and joy.
...a kind of WELLth Fiduciary if you will (meaning that my morals and ethics compel me to always put YOUR needs above my own, treat you as an individual and give you trustworthy, impartial, “conflict-free” advice to the best of my abilities regardless of financial incentive). Or to put it another way, I am a personal trainer for people’s lives I help them intentionally design and strategically execute their optimal life, so that they can turn their dream life into reality and be truly WELLthy. I'm like a GPS that takes you by the hand and helps you navigate the treacherous waters of life, walking you step-by-step from where you currently are to where you want to be.
Um...a caption for an image of text seems redundant, don't you think?
How do I go about accomplishing this? It all starts with The Optimized Self Dojo, which is a FREE online mastermind group of like minded people who use a combination of health, fitness and wellness training, along with lifestyle design/strategy, personal development and tech while providing accountability and ongoing support to empower you to lead an AWESOME, A-MAZING LIFE full of health, wealth, love and happiness without limitations.
This is where the magic happens. Where average everyday ordinary people transform into extraordinary super-humans capable of accomplishing anything they set out to do. And where we help elevate the physical, mental and emotional well-being of humanity...all while having fun kicking ass through lifestyle design!
Inside there are various FREE and low cost - but HIGHLY VALUABLE - tools, guides and resources available. And if you feel like you need a more customized approach and my undivided attention focused solely on helping you find solutions to what it is you’re currently struggling with, I offer 1-On-1 Individual Sessions & Mentoring Programs.
During which I offer mentoring, guiding, coaching, teaching, training and counseling to help people cultivate the knowledge, skills, experience and passion(s) necessary to create a well curated, integrated and harmonious life for themselves—aka "their optimal life".
My custom-tailored, eclectic approach creates an experience unique to you and congruent with your ambitions. I don’t use cookie-cutter programs, only sound principles based on your individual needs, applied judiciously over time to help you achieve your goals.
Isn't the little Ninja just the cutest thing you ever did see?!
I also run ThePostureGuy.com, which is The #1 Source on Pain, Posture and Performance. Inside you can find a large selection of video tutorials that are designed to help you rediscover your health, upgrade your fitness and optimize your wellness through postural corrective exercise and modifying your daily habits and routines.
Stop rounding your shoulders. Stand up straight. Hehe, gotcha!
So what is it that I can do for you? Well, I have helped people:
- Relieve/Eliminate Chronic Pain Symptoms - Realign Proper Postural Alignment - Restore Function and Generally Improve Physical Performance - Increase Range of Motion/Mobility/Flexibility - Loose Fat, Build Muscle and/or Gain Strength - Customize and Optimize Their Diet - Enhance Cognitive Performance - Improve Body Composition - Extend Longevity of Life While Increasing Quality Too - Optimize Breathing, Hydration, Sleep, Nutrition, Stress, Movement and Exercise - Configure Environment and Mindset To Normalize Desired Results - Lead A Pain Free and Active Life Without Limitations - Get Out of Debt and Make/Save Money - Escape the “Rat Race” and Achieve Financial Freedom - Create Their Dream Job or Start Their Own Business/Mission - Minimize Overhead and Become More Self Sustainable - Eliminate Clutter/Junk In Their Personal and Digital Space So They Can Focus More - Take Their Productivity, Time Management and Workflow to the Next Level - Do Less So They Can Live More (i.e. Be Human Beings instead of “Human Doings”) - Create More Time and Freedom in Their Lives To Do What Truly Matters To Them
The first half of this list will make you a LEGEND. The second, DAIRY. Put them together and what do you get?
- Make Tech Work For Them To Solve Problems, Provide Opportunity & Free-Up Time - Hack Their Daily Habits to Make Success In Their Endeavors Inevitable - Meet New, Supportive People While Simultaneously Strengthening Current Relationships - Connect and Partner With Others To Learn From and/or Collaborate With - Find The Love of Their Life While Becoming More Deserving of Love - Gain Clarity On Who They Are and What It Is They Truly Want Out Of Life - Feel Confident With Who They Are In Their Own and Other’s Eyes - Stand Up For What They Believe In (Including Themselves) - Obliterate Self Limiting Beliefs That Were Holding Them Back - Unlearn Misinformation, Marketing and Memes (i.e. Social Propaganda) - Make Important Life Decisions (and some less important ones too) - Quit Outsourcing/Delegating Their Life To Others and Deliberately Create It Themselves - Set Goals That Are In Alignment With Their Values and Not Dictated By Somebody Else’s - Intentionally Design and Strategically Execute Their Optimal Life - Wake Up Inspired, Motivate Others During The Day and Come Home Feeling Fulfilled - Free Their Minds From Perception And Introduce Them To Reality - Travel The World For Fun and Profit for FREE or Extremely Low Cost - Become Aware of the Fact That The Power To Change Oneself Comes From Within - Gain Courage To Think, Talk and Act...Especially When It’s Easier To Do Nothing - Feel Empowered To Do All Of The Above and Pass On What They Learned To Others
And I typed that whole list in one breath! Impressive, huh?
And I am always striving to learn and gain more experience - as well as “netfriend” with other knowledgeable experts to learn from, collaborate with and introduce you to - so that I/we can provide you and others with increasingly more and more value. That and because I think that the meaning of life is to do what you love, be a good person and pass on what you learn to others. Something I sincerely believe we are all capable of achieving, assuming we take personal responsibility for our ourselves and work in harmony with one another. Last but not least, I want to empower as many people as possible during my life to do and be their best, so that together we can create the best possible world for all of us to inhabit, share, enjoy and pass onto the next generation. I look forward to getting better acquainted, possibly working together and seeing you around this beautiful and spectacular thing we call the internet. Until next time... Take care and be a good human, Justin Archer: I learn, think, ask, listen, discuss and do A LOT. Therefore I am. “I define myself by how I choose to serve others.” - Me; WE>me Join The Optimized Self Dojo Private Facebook Group: http://optimizedself.ninja/dojo Work With Me 1-On-1: http://optimizedself.ninja/workingtogether Private Message me on Facebook at http://m.me/justinvarcher Tweet me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/justinvarcher Add me on Snapchat at http://snapchat.com/add/justinvarcher Follow me on Instagram at http://instagram.com/justinvarcher Watch me on Periscope at http://periscope.tv/justinvarcher Hangout with me over on Blab at http://blab.im/justinvarcher Like The Optimized Self Page at http://fb.com/optimizedself Subscribe to The Optimized Self YouTube Channel at http://optimizedself.ninja/youtube P.S. Oh and if you would like to get in touch with me, you can Private Message me on Facebook OR Tweet me @justinvarcher - as these are the two most direct and personal ways to talk with me - and I will get back to you just as soon as I can. TL;DR 15 years in health/fitness/wellness. Lifestyle Designer. Self Discipline Strategist. Personal Development Enthusiast. Total techie/nerd/geek. Systems and Workflow Conductor. General contractor of success, excellence and awesomeness. Information/Solution/Expert Curator. Critical/Independent thinker. WELLth Fiduciary. Result(s) Producer. Tough Love Giver. Complaining exterminator. Avid Experimental Psychologist. Self-awareness excavator. Personal growth facilitator. General life practitioner. E-comb person. Social construct deconstructor. Knowledge inequality fighter. People puzzle solver. Psychological nudger/pusher. Functional wellness detective. Status quo challenger. Curator of excellence. Accountability coach. Personal trainer. YOU consultant. Awareness booster. Aspiring communicator. Life Journalist/Editor. Renaissance man. Serial obsessionist. Generalizing specialist. Master generalist. Psychology aficionado. Question asker. Problem solver. Education reformer. Unlearning Doula. Absurdity architect. Learning facilitator. Change evangelist. Trend forecaster. Peaceful Anarchist. NLRBE Proponent. Maker/Creator. Explorer. Noticer. Researcher. Student. Educator. Mentor. Mediator. Interventionist. Experimenter. Scientist. Doctor (as a title, originates from the Latin word of the same spelling and meaning, which means ‘to teach’). Tactician. Versatilist. Awesomeist. Mover. Fixer. Futurist. Philosopher. Polymath. Autodidact. Giver. Receiver. Husband. (Puppy) Father. Son. Brother. Friend. A BIG Fan of YOU. How can I help add value to your life today?
Come on, let's bring it in. GO TEAM! (please don't send me bills for replacement monitors due to actually slapping and breaking the one you're looking at now)