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Different manufacturer pursuit different developmental directions, so it is true with sniper rifles and their varied appearances. Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, Ashbury Precision Ordnance focuses on various precision parts for bolt action rifles; by utilising their self manufactured "SABER-FORSST" modularised rifle chassis, in concert with Surgeon XL-II bolt action receiver, mated with an in house developed match grade stainless steel fluted barrel, to create their "ASW" sniper series and the "TCR" competition series complete rifles. The ASW series are distinguished by their 4 different chambered sizes, with particular emphasis on the .338 LM (ASW338 LM) model, and its balanced attributes both in performance and operation, which are well regarded in long ranged marksmanship circles, with the only negative consensus being its astronomical price (around USD $8500).

如同其他步兵武器,由於各廠研發方向的不同,狙擊槍也發展出各種不同的樣貌。位於美國維吉尼亞州的 ASHBURY PRECISION ORDNANCE,本身以製造各式長槍精密配件為主,利用自行生產的「SABER-FORSST」模組化槍身組件,搭配 Surgeon XL-II 手動栓式槍機以及自行研製的競賽級槍管,推出該廠的「ASW」狙擊型以及「TCR」競賽型成槍產品。ASW 系列依彈藥口徑區分成四種產品,其中使用 .338 LM 的「ASW338 LM」,由於在性能與操作上擁有相對較佳的平衡表現,在長程射擊界擁有不錯的口碑,唯一共同的負評就是過高的售價 (約 8500 美金)。

ASW's well received reputation also extends to the airsoft market. VFC, whom released information on its upcoming product in 2011, and although the ASW338 LM has already started its sales overseas, Taiwanese fans were still waiting for a domestic release date. Finally during fall of 2012, it was released in the Taiwan market, creating a buzz in the community!

For easy storage, the replica is contained with its stock separated, inside a like-colour polymer carry case, decreasing its overall size.

ASW 狙擊槍在賽槍界的好評也延燒到玩具槍界,從 2011 年就放出消息的 VFC,雖然早已在國外推出 ASW338 LM,不過台灣玩家卻一直引頸期盼,終於在 2012 即將入秋之際,於台灣市場上市,颳起一陣狙擊槍旋風!


The replica is manufactured using aluminium alloy and polymer material; trade markings are present on both sides, indicating that they modelled the replica after the A2 style rifle with a 10 round magazine.

整體採用與實槍類似材質的鋁合金以及複合塑料;槍身兩側的實槍授權刻印,顯示採樣自使用 10 發彈匣的 A2 型實槍。

Faux carbon fibre textured handguard with Picatinny rail sections located on all four sides are the standard configuration for the MOD 1 model, allowing users to customise their rifle, attaching different accessories according to their operational needs.

仿碳纖維材質紋路的護木,以及橫跨整槍上部與護木左右下部的 M1913 戰術軌道,為實槍 MOD 1 的標準配置,可讓玩家隨戰術需要,搭載各式戰術配件。

You can see the fluting on the 20" long rifle barrel that's cover by the handguard; threading on the flash hider is for the soon to be released dedicated suppressor, giving a more substantial look to the rifle.

20 吋長度的槍管,可以看到被護木遮住的散熱溝槽;防火帽上的螺紋,則可以裝載稍晚即將上市的專屬滅音管,讓整枝槍更能夠彰顯氣勢。

Other then the bolt assembly and safety mechanism, all other operating mechanisms are located along the central axis; with what feels like a "zero-trigger', little effort is needed to shoot the rifle. And for the adjustment to achieve the perfect projectile trajectory, the Hop-Up can be adjusted using a hex key via the adjustment port along the top of the receiver.

除了栓式槍機以及保險機構,其他的操作機構均沿著中央線配置;幾近零扣壓的扳機組,讓玩家不必耗費多餘力氣擊發;為了讓 BB 彈可以擁有最佳的射擊距離,可以直接調整位於上端戰術軌道的 Hop Up 調節孔,相當方便。

The stock can be adjusted or folded as needed, simplifying transportation.


Due to licensing from the rifle manufacturer, the full adjustment capabilities of the PBA-H stock can be fully realised; by simply depressing two buttons, the length of the stock can be adjusted, and the cheek piece is adjustable with the provided hex key. The stock stand stowed under the stock can be quickly deployed by pulling it downwards, and the Magpul adjustable polymer grip used by the real rifle is also replicated by VFC.

由於有著實槍原廠授權,完美重現 PBA-H 整合式可調槍托的靈活;只要兩個按鈕就能輕鬆調整底板位置,貼腮塊也只需要利用隨付六角扳手調整,收納在槍托底部的支撐架,只要拉出便能即刻就位,實槍採用的 MAGPUL 可調位置與角度的握把,VFC 也如實再現。

This rifle utilises the traditional bolt-action "one pull one shot" style of operation. Due to it being spring operated, it cannot recreate the bolt mechanisms present on the real rifle, so the bolt latch located on the left of the bolt chamber are for decorative purposes only.


Included within the package is a M140 rated spring as a spare in case it needs to be replaced.

隨槍附上係數 140 的槍栓彈簧,作為替換備料之用。

The .338 LM's magazine size is pretty large, which was manufactured by VFC using metal sheet stamping, giving it an authentic feel.

Due to the potential future deployment of ASW338 LM by the US military, discussions on its price and performance rages on, with it becoming a favourite amongst airsoft fans of modern day US military service rifle; if you're in the mood for some breath holding long range shooting, but are also hoping to obtain an above average rifle that is easy to operate and carry, although the VFC ASW338 LM may not be able to shoot to the distance of the real steel, as a skirmish sniper it has limitless potential!

.338 LM 的 10 發彈匣體積不小,VFC 以鐵板沖壓製成,相當具有實物的質感。

由於 ASW338 LM 將來可能被美軍採用,在性能與價格之外更添話題,也成為喜好美軍現役裝備的生存遊戲愛好者所矚目的焦點;如果您醉心於狙擊時屏氣凝神的入定,又希望擁有一把性能出眾且易於攜帶操作的槍枝,VFC ASW338 LM 雖然無法殺敵於千里之外,但讓您悄然解決對手絕非難事!

產品規格 / Product Specification

製造商 / Manufacture:VFC

名稱 / Name:ASW338 LM

全長 / Length:810mm (槍托收折) / 1060mm (槍托伸展)

重量 / Weight:5005g

裝彈數 / Magazine Capacity:40 (6mm BB)