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Instructions for home page settings (6)

Dear Lang-8 users,

Thank you very much for using our service. I'm Xie.

Now we can customize the "gadgets" in the center column of our home page easily.

1. Customization on the home page

Drag on the header and you can move the gadget up and down.

Try the buttons on the right of the gadget's header. You can change

the number of items to show up, fold up the gadget, or remove it from

the home page.


2. Customization on the setting page

You can also visit the "Settings" page to customize. In the "My Home

Settings" section, you can also drag and drop to customize the order

of gadgets.

To let a removed gadget show up again, just click "Show" and customize

the number.


I hope you will enjoy this customization feature. Feel free to drag

your favourite gadget on the top!


Lang-8 staff

Posted at 2008-12-11 16:23:08