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Through the Keyhole - April 5th, 2013

American Civil War 2 in the making.

A word of Philippe Thibaut and Philippe Malacher, producers at AGEOD.

"As many of you know, we are currently developing ACW2, the sequel to Ageod American Civil War, widely accepted by the community of strategy gamers as a classic of the genre. So what's in you may ask? Why doing a version 2 if the first opus seems to cover the conflict well enough.

Well, the truth is that the engine evolved over the years and that it can do things better than before. Some of the features of ACW1 were done in a particular way in part because the engine could not do it another. For example we only had a few hard coded options, like printing money, drafting people. Now check what we have added in recent releases, like the game with sandals and skirts (I mean Alea Jacta Est, not anything else like super secret project X which don't even exists, so why I'm  talking of it?).                                                                                                  


We have added the possibility a lot more of versatile historical choices in these recent games, and we plan to do that in ACW2. Plus now the game allows you to play regional decisions, which are very fun to play (if you like the'card-driven' feel they give). For example having a sneaky partisan in a region allows you to trigger the 'Burn enemy depot' decision. So there is features to do differently now, and in a way that we think is better.


But that'snot all, because we developed over time a new way of making windows and panels,you should see, it makes a difference! (a pity you can't right now, but we will soon release full screenshots of the game, rest assured!). Windows will be more functional plus they are much less demanding on your computer than the old ones. So better, faster windows, why would you not be happy with that! :-) 


That's it,in a nutshell (and some here at Ageod really like nuts). We expect ACW2 to beready during late Summer (Q3 for people of southern hemisphere)".