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Michele Ciuoffo MASTERING Services - Special prices & Analog quality!



This facebook note is to let you know about my high quality Mixing and Mastering services with analog equipment


Special Prices:

30€ Mastering per track. 

70€ Mixing + Mastering per track.


Equipment used:



Dynaudio AIR 20: as main studio monitors, great fidelity and honesty on the sound with a frequency range starting at low frequency.

Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro: as studio headphone reference, pretty neutral too.

RCF Art-15: as a hi-fi standard monitor reference great as comparison to try out tracks.


-Soundcard & Other-

RME Fireface UFX: great audio converter and main studio soundcard of my setup, quality.

SM Patch Pro: used to patch digital and analog audio signals and to record the mastering outboard chain.


-Compressors, EQ and Other Processors-

Overstayer VCA Compressor: american design, great compressor for mixing and mastering, gives a special bass punch to the sound by compressing just a few dbs + powerful LowFrequency and HighFreq boost.

SPL Vitalizer MK2T: tight bass sound with bass compressor, mid, high, and harmonic Tube Drive processing and Tube hot Stereo Expander to give the right Stereo opening( M/S ) of the track.

Avalon VT-747SP: tube stereo spectral-opto-compressor, six band parametric EQ, really hi-fi and powerful analog sound given by the tube heat and includes very useful sidechain eq.

SPL Transient Designer: amazing tool for mixing and used also in parallel channel for mastering (bus). this sound processor is a special kind of compressor that takes out the Transients out of percussions and sounds making mixes and masters extremely powerful.


-Digital Processors/Plugin Bundles-

Waves Complete Bundle Plugins: strong pack of all mastering high quality plugins and emulations of mastering hardware produced by Waves including the API 2500, Solid State Logic series, Maserati series, Kramer, H-Comp, CLA, and more. Plus a great Paz Analyzer

Brainworx Digital Bundle: bundle of EQ, Compressors, and various Dynamic and M/S calibration tools. Essential for mixing and mastering + an exclusive Dynamic Range Meter.

Sonnox Oxford Plugins: all great plugins for audio treatment solving problems relative to hiss, crackle, noise, buzz, + Dynamics tools including a useful limiter and De-Esser.

Antares Vocal Treatment: pack of Antares plugins for Vocal treatment (Vocoder, Duo, Throat, Warm,...)

Abbey Road Plugins: emulation of Chandler limited equipment in plugin, very colorful EQ even if digital.



Apple Logic Pro 9: is the main interface where we do our Mixing and Masterings. Industry standard quality audio engine. 



How to send me your tracks.


For Mastering please upload your Wav 24bit 44100 (No Dithering) track on sendspace and send link to masteringservice@micheleciuoffo.com, please leave 3db of headroom in your mix to be sure that nothing is clipping, NO limiters and NO compression on master. Please use compression where you KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING or you will do more harm than good. 


For Mixings render all Tracks Wav 24bit 44100 (No Dithering) from your project (please split groups in Ableton Live avoiding channel duplication or messy volumes). Load them in a .Zip file on sendspace and send link to masteringservice@micheleciuoffo.com, please make sure that each channel has at least 3db of headroom to be sure that nothing is clipping. 



For any questions or to book a quick look at our studio contact me. 

Prices above refer to Electronic Music tracks (Techno, House, Electro, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat, Chillout, Triphop, Dub, and others)


Ps. Studio pitctures and interview will follow, stay tuned.