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Mr. Playboy, Mr. Player, Mr. Dog #Why Bad Boys Don’t Make Good Husband

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Mr. Playboy, Mr. Player, Mr. Dog 


Mr. Playboy, Mr. Player, or Mr. Dog will fall under the description of a person of Gal. 5:19. The primary characteristics of this man’s life style are sexual immorality, impure thoughts, and eagerness for lustful pleasure. These men are thinking of one thing. That one thing is sex. Many of each of these men characteristics bleed over into one another. However, I will try to make a distinction between the three.


Mr. Dog


Mr. Dog is only looking for a one night stand. One of his primary methods for making this happen in the clubs or at party is to get you under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Mr. Dog looks forwomen who are easy. Alcohol or drugs make women easy. Mr. Dog doesn’t like “to work for it.” Mr. Dog will take you to McDonald’s and expect to “get some.” Mr. Dog wants to “hit it and quit it.” Mr. Dog keeps acount of how many women he has been with. Mr. Dog will not spend his money on you. If Mr. Dog is rich or famous he will go though women like light goes though darkness.


Mr. Dog could also be a sex addict.  Addictive sex is used to escape pain and problems. This means that the addict is mentally and emotionally detached from you when he has sex with you. This is why Mr. Dog refers to you as a body part or why he wants to “hit it.” In the book, Avoiding Mr. Wrong the authors give these 6 signs and symptoms of sexual addiction.  This will help you to see the difference between sex and sexual addiction.


1. There is a preoccupation with all things sexual. Clues include pornography, incessant desire, constant sexual innuendo, and double entendres and sexual humor.


2. A cycle of withdrawn preoccupation, followed by excitement, acting out, and then despair and shame with the fear of getting caught.


3. Irritable and angry with more frequent episodes of rage.


4. Many acquaintances but no real friends.


5. Inappropriate sexual behaviors in the way they touch others through hugs and greetings.


6. Their eyes will wander and stare at each attractive woman they see.


Mr. Player


However, the more mature player will be up for playing “the game.” Mr. Player’s primary method is his words. Mr. Player is a private Mr. Charisma. Mr.Player has all the right word to say to weak and strong minded women. Any discerning women can see right though Mr. Player. However, even discerning women like to play when they get lonely. Therefore, game on for Mr.Player. Mr. Player will make you think you are the only woman in the world.   Mr. Player will sent you flours, candy, and jewels. Mr. Player will take you to the fines places to eat. Mr. Player is a smooth operator. Mr. Player offers you a relationship. However, he is like Mr.Dog only looking to play “the game,” “hit it and quit it.” However, to him sex is about control.


Mr. Player does not go for easy woman because he likes a challenge.  Therefore, I have to warn practicing Christian (religions, or moral) women that you can be his primary prey. As a matter of fact Mr. Player may be a deacon, preacher, or community leader. He delights in getting you to compromise your spiritual and a religion believes mostly through sex.  Once you compromise your believes he got you than or he is in control. And for the most part when he gets you to compromise he becomes God. What you do with your sex is all about worship.   Will you as a young singles Christian woman remember that God says your body in the temple of the Holy Spirit and that you are to save sex for marriage? Some women do not like to describe what their do sexual as sex.  They call it “making love.” Well as far as God is concern you as a single person can not “make love” outside the bonds of marriage. Therefore even if you say you are in love outside the bonds of marriage and you choice to “make love” you are deceiving yourself.  One of the devil greatest tools to deceive single Christian women (or man) about the character of a man is  through sex.

Very few women can truly be deceived about the character of a man when they are not having

sex with a man. When you have sex with a man outside the bonds of marriage you are giving up control.  After you have given up control through sex he becomes the drug that you are addicted. If he is really evil he will play with you heart, mind, soul, time, and money all while seeing other women.


In the book, “Avoiding Mr. Wrong” their describe Mr. Player as “Mr. Wonder.”  It is difficult to understand why some women are attracted to certain men who are severely sick. The problems theses men carry are so obvious and so destructive that it amazes everyone, even you,  if you are one of those women. Some men are just downright objectionable form the start, and anyone growing

closer to them is obviously either sick themselves or easily deceived. In contrast to these glaringly bad men, there are some men who seem easy to love-at least at first. It is easier to see how

someone could be attracted to a guy who is suave, charming, romantic, and so utterly

fascination that he seems just to good to be true. That is exactly how you might describe…Mr. Wonderful, who turns out to be anything but wonderful.  “Everyone probably has known a Mr.

Wonderful in their lifetime. He is such a good conversationalist, knowing something about just about everything;  in the beginning he may even some across like a genius. He certainly sounds brilliant on most any topic that arises….. Whether he it truly more talented, smarter, more artistic, or more

anything is debatable, but he expresses a confidence that makes you believe it is true.” This is Mr. Player. If you come in contract with him run do not walk to the nears exit.



Paperback for How To Choose A Worthy Mate and Find True Love will be availabe:

Amazon@ http://tinyurl.com/pqrktn6   Kindle Online Store@ http://tinyurl.com/l4tbofk