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More Than Skin Deep



 The New Philosophy of Beauty


Beauty. It’s everywhere. We see it in a child’s grin, the bending of a willow in the wind, or the deep crimson of a velvet merlot. Beauty is our girlfriend prancing about in her favorite high-heeled shoes, our dog noshing on his brand new bone, and grandma’s dusty old diary. Beauty is there. It’s here. We see it everywhere and in almost everything. Then why is it so hard for us to see it in ourselves? Why is our relationship to our own personal beauty not one of recognizing, evolving and celebrating, but of reaching? Constantly reaching, feeling as if with just one more stretch, it’s ours; one more cream, one more treatment, one more vitamin or pill or exercise or surgery and we’re beautiful....but there’s always just one more. Always. Ironically, all that reaching is pushing us further and further away from our beauty and deeper and deeper into the self-help isle of the local bookstore in search of our self esteem.



[byoo-tee] –noun, plural 1. the combination of all the qualities of a person or thing

that delight the senses and please the mind.



For 30 years women have asked me how to be beautiful. In my 20’s I would have answered: good genetics. In my thirties I would have laid out my exercise and nutrition regimen. In my forties I would have shared a list of anti aging products. But here at fifty, having had to sustain an essence of beauty for half a century, I can say that getting it together is not the same as keeping it together. And keeping it together has more to do with being pliable than being perfect. It requires a system that accounts for the whole you. Skin care counts. But so does joy. Make up can bring out the color of your eyes but it cannot cover sadness from within. Exercise and nutrition matter because they affect your outlook as much as they affect your outward appearance. Surgery will make a difference, good or bad, but self worth changes everything for the better. Even the way you look. It’s time we take a holistic approach to beauty, one that takes into account our desire to know what works from the outside and our need to have it together on the inside. Because until we do that, beauty, true beauty, beauty that stays with us and grows with us, beauty that rises above the changing social standards and into the status of classic and eternal beauty, we are doomed to a life of lack, limit, and want. Reaching, always reaching.



Join us the experts and my celeb friends as we take a holistic approach to beauty, combining equal elements of health, beauty, fitness and philosophy. Please go to: www.22s.com/Nia/Live



More Than Skin Deep is about beauty. Real beauty. Authentic and sustainable beauty. It’s the whole answer to the question, “ How can I be most beautiful?” I am not selling product that promises to reverse your age by 10 years. I’m not giving you some ancient secret to regenerate collagen or clear away acne. There are thousands of products on the market that might just do that for you. And thank goodness for that because what you need today is not what you will need tomorrow, for life is a growing, breathing thing as constant as the sea but just as unpredictable. But rather, I’m imparting some basic truths about nutrition, skin care and exercise that give you a powerful and solid physical foundation from which to begin and I’m sharing with you a philosophy of beauty that will help keep you in your prime so every year that passes you are the most beautiful you can be and on a deeper level, the most beautiful you have ever been.


They say, “Beauty is skin deep.” But I say, “Beauty is soul deep.” Take care of your soul, your spirit, your self-esteem, and beauty begins to unfold. It comes forth. It permeates every aspect of your life, pouring forth through the physical you, allowing the whole of you to be present and accounted for. The creams, the treatments, even the exercise and nutrition are but tools that polish clean the window through which the light of the beautiful you radiantly shines. And shine it will, if we consider the whole. Because beauty is More Than Skin Deep. 


Please go to: www.22s.com/Nia/Live