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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you stop your service?
A: It just feels that our time is over. Nickelodeon just opened an official Facebook page for all Asian Nicksters and they just updated their website. Our job is to update you with the latest Nickelodeon news around the Philippines and it looks like the official Nick Asia page is doing a better job. So what we're trying to say here is that our work here is done!

Q: Why close your website?
A: We've been inactive for several months now. All the contents on our website are considered outdated already so we also had to shut it down to avoid clustering. We all know that our website has provided you a lot of information during our time and we appreciated your feedbacks when we revamped its look. Our website was designed by our fellow Nickster Dan Chee.

Q: So what happens to my Nick Club account?
A: Unfortunately, all 195 members of our website are now gone. It has moved to our website provider's archived files. If you have left something important in your account, please send us a message so we could talk about it.

Q: Where can we connect to other Pinoy Nicksters now?
A: Like we said earlier, Nickelodeon just launched their official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/NickAsia) and it is now filled with lots of Nicksters from around Asia. Most of the people who 'liked' this page are now there so if you haven't liked it yet, you're missing out all the fun already!

Q: Are there any chances for NickPHCentral to return someday?
A: Only time can tell. But it seems that you won't be needing us anymore. We have served you already and the Nick Asia Facebook page is our successor. We hope that you enjoyed watching and talking about your favorite Nick shows with us. And we really do wish that we made a mark on your hearts during the last two years of our service.

If you have any other necessary questions, please leave them at the comments and we will answer them!