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Happy Valentine's Day from Hellfire Games!

Happy Valentine's Day from Hellfire Games and the Novus Prime team! Love is in the air in PlayStation Home this week, and to commemorate Valentine's Day 2012, we've got a special tale of two gamers who found happiness in Novus Prime.



In July of 2011, PlayStation Home user mnmsgin was looking for a new game in Home. One of her new in-Home friends, Cougre, introduced her to Novus Prime, and soon "Gin" was soon defending the Earth Fleet in missions alongside another one of Cougre's friends, Dr_Do-Little.


"Doc" enjoyed playing the space shooter daily, and the two of them became fast friends. Little did they know, this in-game friendship would be the start of a real-life relationship.



Doc soon asked Gin if she would like to join The Black Hat Squad, a group of Novus Prime enthusiasts in PlayStation Home, and the two began to play more often. "Our feelings for each other started to blossom," Gin told Hellfire Games over e-mail. "On November 5th, we exchanged rings and the rest is playing out!"


With PlayStation Home being such a social-centric platform, it’s no surprise that Gin and Doc aren’t the first couple to meet in Home and play together in Novus Prime. "We know of people who met on Home," Gin explained. "We're also friends with a couple that's married in real life that we fly with."



The couple can be seen hanging out and playing Novus Prime together nearly every day, and they remain two of the game's most skilled players. One multiplayer mission in their group is all it takes to see how all those hours of Novus Prime have paid off!


And their plans for Valentine's Day? "We are together in real life and are going to spend our First Valentine's Day together flying at Novus with our friends," the couple told us. So head on over to the Novus Prime space station today and wish those lovebirds the best!