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Menu and Pricing

O Taste and See Treats specializes in nostalgic treats that will spark delicious memories of the family favorites your mom or grandmother would have made. We take pride in using fresh, natural and when available, local ingredients in all of our treats. 

Our treats are designed to be exactly that, a treat, not something you would eat everyday, and as much as we would like it if you did, the health of you and your family is more important to us than sales. 

While we do have some low-fat, low sugar, low calorie and even gluten-free options, the majority of our products contain real butter, whole eggs, milk/cream, flour and sugar. 


  • Assorted Pies: $15 (Banana, Oreo Cookie Dream, Keylime, Lemon, Pecan, Coconut, Apple, Cherry, Peach) 
  • Assorted Cakes/Cheese/GooeyCakes: $28 - $85 (Pumpkin, Plain, Pineapple, Cherry, Oreo, Etc)                
  • Custom Cakes: $55 and up, depending on design 
  • Cupcakes: $3.50 per Cupcake / $36 per dozen 
  • Cakepops: $2.00 per Cakepop / $18 per dozen
  • Cake Truffles: $1.00 per Truffle/ $9 per dozen
  • PiePops(Fruit) $2.95 per Piepop/$28 per dozen
  • Cookies (mix): $1.00 per cookie/$10 per dozen
  • French Macaron: $3.50 per Mac/$32 per dozen 
  • Sugar Cookies: $3.95 per cookie/$36 per dozen
  • Puddings: $2.95 per serving/$30 per 13x9 pan
  • Trifles: $3.95 per serving/$35 per 2 quart bowl
  • Jello Salads: 2.95 per service/$30 per pan/bowl
  • Cobblers: $3.95 per serving/$30 per 13x9 pan

  • Cakes: White Chocolate, Chocolate, German Chocolate, Butter Yellow, Wedding White, Red Velvet, Black Velvet, Lemon, Orange Cream, 7-up, Coconut, Strawberry, Banana Pudding and anything else that comes to mind while we're in the kitchen. 
  • Cheesecakes: Plain, Peppermint, Strawberry, Pineapple and Oreo.
  • Gooey Cakes: Plain, Pumpkin, Pineapple and Lemon.
  • Frostings: Cream Cheese, Buttercream, Whipped Cream, Pecan-Coconut. Cream Cheese and Buttercream Frostings can/will be altered with extracts/flavorings/juices/syrups/powders. 
  • Fillings: Vanilla Dream Pastry Cream, Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Peach, Pineapple, Mango, Cheesecake and Hazelnut.
  • Pies: Apple, Peach, Cheese, Banana Cream, Chocolate Cream.
  • Cobblers: Apple and Peach
  • Trifles: Strawberry Shortcake, Fruit and Cream, Puddin' Cake and O-R-E-O.
  • Puddings: Banana Pudding (Baked or Soft Set), Vanilla Pudding, Tapioca, Lemon Lush and Bread.
  • Jello Salads: Strawberry Banana, Pistachio Pecan, and Mandrin
  • Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Pecan Chip, Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal Butterscotch, Sugar and seasonal add-ons
There is no schedule of flavors, and we reserve the right to exercise our creativity at any time and bring you something new and exciting for the day. If you want to make sure we have your favorite, it's best to special order or call ahead. 

Savory Treats:
  • Mac n' Cheese: Southern Tradition, All-American and Cream Based varieties available. $28 per 13x9 Pan
  • Swiss Steak: Tender Beef slow cooked in a tomato based gravy to don't need a knife perfection. $40 per 13x9 pan, includes mashed potatoes or white rice. 
  • Creamy Chicken Bake: Boneless/Skinless Chicken diced and slow cooked in a gravy with spices and topped with a crunchy breadcrumbs, includes white rice or egg noodles. $35 per 13x9 pan
  • Sandwiches: Your choice of bread, meat, cheese, veggies, spreads and seasonings. $5-$12 each

Wish we made your family favorite? Tells us about it and we'll make it special just for you! And as a bonus, if we add it to our menu, we may even name it after you!

New item:
  • Argentinian Birthday Cake! Yellow Cake, filled with spiced and diced peaches and dulce de leche and covered in whipped cream! Delicioso! - Special request by customer Candy and here's what she had to say about it: "It was amazing! Thank you for bringing home to us!"
  • Cup'O'Cake:  Your favor cake flavors and frostings in a 1 pint mason jar ready to eat and great for shipping! Only $6!

Delivery Available 

***We do special events, let us plan or cater your next event! Contact us for details & to schedule a tasting!***

Phone: 480.788.0145
Email: orders@otasteandseetreats.com