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A review of "Separate" by Hollow my Eyes


While trying to write about Hollow my Eyes, I'm finding it hard to find the words to explain how it feels to listen to their songs. I'm always amazed when I hear a band that sounds just plain amazing, so good that I could with certainty compare them with some of the bigger names of the scene. You know, the drums sound good, the guitar parts are just flowing freely trough, you can actually hear the bass lines, and the vocals are tearing the ground apart.


Honestly, I did not know what to expect from their album "Separate" up until the first moment that I played it, but it was definitely a mind=blown type of experience.  What I love about it the most is that from the beginning, up until the end I wanna get in a moshpit and kick some butts (and I'm pretty much a girly girl) and that is, when I'm not including the two instrumental songs that give you a short break before all hell breaks loose.


If you are a fan of deathcore meets djent meets progressive meets I don't even know what since it's an amazing mash of all sorts of stuff, or a fan of the the "in your face" vocals and recognizable guitar riffs threaded with fast beat drumming, then you should definitely check this album (and band) out.


What I like to pay the most attention to are always the lyrics. Each one of the songs on this album has lyrics that actually make sense and have meaning. So, lyrically looking "Still She Smiles" and "Rigor Mortis" are probably the two songs that stand out the most. They both have pretty touchy subjects and you've probably found yourselves in them (in some shape or form)  at some point in your life. The instruments in both songs just add more to the feel and just makes them hit you even harder.


Regarding the two instrumental songs "Drown" and "Freefall" on the album, I would have liked them to connect with either the songs that were prior to them or to be the intro into the next song but besides that, they are a breath of fresh air before the dust arises once the brutality is ongoing all around them.


"Divine Burden" and "Survive and Embrace" are probably the first two songs I've heard by the band and they certainly had an effect on me considering that I actually grew fond of the band because of them. I love the songs that instantly kick start with growls. Pretty much sums up how the song is going to sound up until its end, if you'd agree.

When it comes to "Lament", it does have a soft start up until those guitars start punching your ear drums. Now, the chorus of the song is something to witness. Fast forwardly getting you into the mood to punch some faces just because you can, which is probably the perfect emotion to get out of a song that has lyrics, such as this one, that mainly explain the current, I guess I could say, world situations.


Now,  "Dead-Set Assembly Line" has a pretty amazing beginning considering it's just drums. They lead into a mash of everything, with lyrics that have a similar feel to them as the lyrics in "Lament", so I guess we could call it the extension of that song with some even more amazing riffs and a little part that will hopefully, when played live, get the crowd going and singing along to the thrilling beat.

Last but not least, "Peitho" is probably the song I'm sure every person can relate to. It has a feel to it that makes it seem like you are the one singing the song. Which ultimately is the point of every song, in my opinion, being in the shoes of the one who screams their heart out.


Finally, this album is definitely something you should pleasure your ears with and enjoy. I still stand behind my words that the two instrumental songs could maybe be fitted better, I guess, but besides that, I find the album pretty satisfactory. Put together, it makes for the amazing bunch of riffs, killer drums, breakdowns and brutal vocals. The guys' bandcamp even reached the max number of downloads for the month in which it came out within pretty much a week since it came out, which could serve as proof that the album is worth listening to.


Rate: 9.5/10


Nea|Of Core's