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Patch Notes 6.4.2

The 6.4.2 Update is now available! We've incorporated quite a few changes to the game to help with both game balance and feature implementation. See the changes below:


1. New Ultimate Fusions


A ton of new monsters have received new Ultimate Fusions! Some of these new Fusions require new Evo materials, so be sure to read the guide we have posted on it here: http://tinyurl.com/mrtswyh



2. Skill Changes for Select Monsters


Select monsters, such as the Hero Gods Series will have their skills adjusted. Additionally, the Damage Reduction for Awoken Skills ‘DamageReduction—Dark’ will be increased!


See here for details on the skill adjustments: http://tinyurl.com/lv5e6zt



3. Daily Dungeon Renewals


Daily Dungeons are being renewed! With this update they feature new floors with increased the '-Mythical' difficulty!



First up is the Tuesday dungeon, featuring the Keeper of Gold! The Thursday slot will be occupied by a pesky Trifruits, and last but not least, the Twinlits shall descend at the Shrine of Spirits!




The ‘Baby Tamadra’ now has a chance to appear in the ‘Trifruits Descends’ dungeon! 



What is a Baby Tamadra, you might ask?


A Baby Tamadra is a monster that has a fixed chance to release awokenskills in other monsters when fused! By evolving them, these Baby Tamadra are able to become fully-fledged Tamadra!


5. Color Blind Assistance Function Added


This feature assists those who have trouble recognizing colors incertain settings. When it is turned on, the hues of color orbs will be modifiedto assist with recognition of that particular color.



*How colors are perceived varies per individual.


How to Turn on the Color BlindSupport Function


Before entering a dungeon, go to Other>Options>Dungeon>ColorAssist to ON. The default position should be OFF.



During a dungeon, from the menu on the top right, go to Option>ColorAssist and toggle the switch to ON.


*The color of Poison Orbs and Jammer Orbs will not be changed.


6. Health Points Stat Bar Modified


Now, depending on the amount of remaining HP you have during a battle,the color of the stats will start to change. This color varies between Five Degrees of severity.



7. Mass Attack Animations Can now be Disabled


The attack effect displayed when performing a Mass Attack during battles can now be turned off.


To do this, navigate to Others>Options>Dungeon>Mass Attack Effect Settings, and toggle the on and off button.



By default, this option is set to ON.


8. Updated Progress Indicator with Additional Information



The display used for additional downloads and updates has been changed.Download progress will now be displayed as a bar in the window displayed.



9. Dungeon Rankings and Scores Feature now Added


Certain Special Dungeons have been equipped with a new Score Feature. These dungeons may be identified by the "Score" label next to the dungeon floor name. 


By pressing ‘Score Screen’ in the results page after clearing a Special Dungeon of "-Legend" difficulty or above, the Score will be displayed. Scores are calculated from factors such as number of combos and turns.


After the Score Function is introduced, it will automatically display the first time an S-rank is achieved. This score will also be displayed next to the floor of the highest rank received.



With the first S-rank achieved, a Tamadra will be awarded to the player!



10. iCloud In-App Restore Feature


It is now possible to backup play data when changing between iOS devices. This feature utilizes iCloud Backup to perform an in-app restore.


For more details on this process, see this guide: http://tinyurl.com/qa7oxxp


11. Android SD Card Data Migration


It is now possible to backup some additional data to an SD card if there is not enough available memory on the device. 


The guide on this process can be located here: http://tinyurl.com/lmvlcls