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Cat Squad fights tooth and claw against crime

The Queensland Police Service will officially launch the newest edition to their crime fighting arsenal - the Queensland Police Cat Squad - before midday today.


“Animals have always played an important part of policing in Queensland, from the camels once used to traverse the desert, to the Dog Squad and Mounted Unit we utilize today,” Inspector Doolittle, the Officer in charge of the companion animal squad said.


“The natural agility and cunning of felines makes them ideal for police work. This pilot project is just the first step in making better use of the natural gifts of many of our companion animals to protect the people of Queensland.


The Cat Squad will specialise in criminal surveillance and undercover operations, using the spry and quiet nature of cats to their advantage.


“Cats not only possess excellent night vision, but their speed, dexterity and agility make them ideal for covert operations such as surveillance and undercover work.”


“Our new police cats (PCs) can go places police dogs only dream of, scaling the tallest of fences and negotiating the smallest of ledges with ease.


“Additionally, they come with serious use of force options as standard, including 18 razor-sharp claws and an impressive set of fangs.


“Just last week, PC Fluffy apprehended an offender by leaping from a tree and onto the back of his head, where she clung tenaciously, making a noise not unlike a police siren until officers arrived and took the shaken offender into custody.”


“Our research unit is presently working on ways to counteract the squad’s susceptibility to fur balls, and potential for being distracted by snack treats and toy mice.


“I would also like to take the chance to wish all our Facebook visitors a happy April Fool’s Day,” Inspector Doolittle said.