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Youmacon: Interview with Ken Pontac (Sonic Games Writer)

I asked my good friend Roger (creator of the dissected series) about the interview, he had the chance to make with Ken Pontac, for a documentary he's making about the Sonic fandom. Thanks to him he gave me the permission to use a small part of the interview's transcript. This is the part when they actually talk about Sonic Adventure 3, well, sort of and I'd like to know what's your opinion about this.

Interview with Roger, Alex and Ken Pontac

Roger: “Oh, yes. There’s a, as you said, there’s a very strong vocal group, some fans want the Sonic Adventure-styled stories back.”

Pontac: “Mm-hm”.

Roger: “Um, are you interested in bringing some of Sonic’s friends into the story, or is that a no-no by Sega?”

Pontac: “Um, I wouldn’t say it’s a no-no by Sega, um, do you mean as playable characters or in the cutscenes?”

Roger: “Yes, in the cutscenes.”

Pontac: “Um, I’m happy to bring everybody to the party, I think it would be cool to, um, to like, [not] even have Tails, ya know, for like…have him just be captured and let him have his own little [mini story] somewhere and have Sonic [team up] with one or two of the other characters. That would be really fun.”

Roger: “So when you had to write Sonic Generations’ [Shadow], you didn’t wish for the negative/neutral….”

Pontac: “Um, I don’t think there are any characters in Sonic that I dislike…..um, nope. I’d be happy to write for any of them.”

Roger: “That’s great.”

Alex: “There are some hype about Sonic Adventure 3 right now, so I was wondering if you’d be interested to, for example, writing something that would be more like Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 with a bigger and more serious story.”

Pontac: “Um, well I’d love to write bigger stories, but I don’t…I’m not familiar with the Sonic Adventures that you’re talking about.”

Alex: “Oh, you’re not?”

Pontac: “No, like I said, I do [remember reading on the Sonic [websites] and Sonic forums] but it was very upbeat. It gives us his character of course, and, ya know, I sort of knew what he was about but I know nothing about his history or anything so I kinda went to Wikipedia and I watched some cutscenes from various games on Youtube. But um, yeah, I don’t really know the chronology.”

Roger: “Deadly Six….Did you make that up?”

Pontac: “Deadly Six? Ah, no. They definitely wanted those characters in the game, um, they have a lot of input on what the characters are like, like how they acted, more than I…I also had input and all that, and um obviously we put words in their mouth.”

Roger: “So are we done?”

Alex: “I think we’re done.”

Pontac: “What’s this about?”

Alex: “It’s a documentary about the Sonic fandom.”

Pontac: “Ah. Okay.”

Roger: “We’re interested into your work and contribution to the series.

Pontac: “I would just like to say that um, about the group of fans that hate me and um, think that I should be fired and never write another thing…sorry you feel that way. I’m glad you care about the characters so much.”

Roger: “That’s very noble of you, very well then. Thanks for your time. It’s been fantastic”

Pontac: “You’re Welcome! Thank you.”

This must be Sonic Paradox...yeah it's written on the signThis must be Sonic Paradox...yeah it's written on the sign