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Breech Birth Study Day ~ 24th September 2011

An Introduction to Breech Birth

                Study Day



and Joy Horner RM RGN Dip H.Ed

  Saturday 24th September 2011



09.30 - 10.00              Registration

10.00 - 10.05              Welcome


10.05 - 10.15              Background and aims for the day

10.15 - 11.15              Definition and slides of normal breech birth



Coffee break



11.30 - 12.15            Breech mechanisms


12.15 - 13.00            Slides of other variations




14.00 - 15.15        When and how to help


Tea break


15.30 - 16.00        Professional responsibilities and the way forward

16.00 - 16.30        Discussion, reflection, evaluation and farewell



£50 Early Bird booking by 1st August and £60 thereafter.


To book a place contact Fiona and Kylie through www.southwestbirthworkers.weebly.com

(booking forms available for download through the website)




Following on from the Study Day there will be a break followed by a showing of the documentary Guerilla Midwife for fundraising purposes.

This is a great opportunity to see this feature length documentary and help raise funds for supplies and equipment for the rural maternity clinic in Senegal.


Guerilla Midwife is a globally acclaimed, award-winning documentary that takes you along the fragrant streets of Bali and desolate Acehnese refugee camps of the Indonesian Archipelago, where, Midwife-Ibu Robin Lim finds herself at a time and place where midwifery is put to the test. This culturally mesmerizing, and sometimes heart-wrenching documentary vividly demonstrates why we must change our protocols for pregnancy and childbirth, and return to a gentle, natural method. Featuring: Michael Odent, MD and Ibu Robin Lim. Award-Winner &/or Official Selection: Over 25 Film Festivals Worldwide