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Push Rod Adjustment

  1. Bring Cam to Base circle for the tappets you wish to adjust.
    1. You can do this by rotating the motor till you have dual movement of the pushrods for the other cylinder.
    2. One should go up the other should go down, either way at the same time. The cylinder that you’re adjusting, the tappets should be on base circle of the cam, lowest point in the tappet block for the tappets.
  2. Adjust the push rods
    1. Bring pushrods to Zero lash, no up and down movement, tight against rocker arm, and tight against tappet/lifter.
    2. Mark the push rod with a marker or paint stick.
    3. Extend the push rod (4) four full turns or 24 flats (if using S&S Push Rods, S&S push rods have a 32 Threads per inch)
    4. Allow the tappet/lifter to bleed down 20/30 minutes, longer is better.
    5. If after 20/30 minutes you can spin the push rod with your fingers you do not have limited travel tappets (HL2T kit).
    6. If you do not have HL2T or Travel limited tappets Lock the push rod down, Repeat process for the other cylinder and push rods, you are now done adjusting. 
    7. If you do have HL2T or Travel limited tappets move on to the next step.
  3. If you cannot spin the push rod, you have S&S Limited Travel tappets (HL2T kit).
    1. From this point you want to shorten the push rod. While shortening you will feel drag on the push rod, this is the valve spring tension.
    2. While shortening, you will feel the valve spring release the pressure on the push rod; at this point you should notice it being easier to spin the push rod with your wrench.
    3. From this point you want to shorten one full turn, 6 flats. At this point you should be able to spin with your fingers.
    4. Lock down the push rod and repeat for the rear cylinder.

Do not try to make short cuts in this process. Proper bleeding down of the tappets is critical for healthy running motors. Damage to motor will happen not following these instructions.