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Ted Harge Networking Connections Page 1 - Welcome

Rev 052415-0702

My Networking Connections & Golden Ticket Links (GTL)
** Part of The MightyPeople OSN Elite Monetizing Networking System ( mightypeople . info )
Admin: ted.harge@yahoo.com

You Are Here: http://letsconnect-fb.tedharge.com | http://tinyurl.com/tedgtlpage1
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A Very Special Welcome To You:

Hello my new friends! :-) Thanx for connecting and welcome to my networking circle.

I believe you should take the time to connect with me because I have taken the time to set up some things designed to be a big help to my friends, especially IBO's (Independent Business Owners). i.e. -What do you need? Leads, people, sales, recruits, Social Networking support, resources, advice, money to invest? It is my intent to help you with those type of things.

[ Also for those of you who connected with me for this purpose, I will show you how to earn $250+ per lead passively as you continue your networking efforts. ]

Look forward to some great things with you. I'm here to help and work with you. So let's get fully connected ASAP. Please continue below.

Peace, Pride, Passion, Prosperity
Love & Happiness

PS - Feel free to inbox me for help. Also don't forget to upgrade your Fanpages with 22Social. Click the green button on the right. below.

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( http://tinyurl.com/tlhgtlpage2 )