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Teen Top, with their boss, Andy, Are starring in a Real Variety Show, ' Art-dols' , reborn.

Teen Top, starring in a new variety program, reborn as stone.

starting the coming 16th, SBS-MTV will be airing Teen Top's new variety show 10 times. Teen Top rises 100% (with issues of war). Teen Top will be the stars, as well as T.O.P media's boss, Andy. The seven men mobilized the seven-member rookie group.

The project to make a hot issue of 'Teen Top rises 100%' at home and abroad. They have already gained popularity through 'Infinity Challenge', 'Idol Athletics Championships', and the best in popular entertainment program,' star challenge'. The objective of Teen Top will be to finish their mission, but if they fail they can give 100% to a fierce competition for survival.

Through the last two days SBS-MTV has released the first video teaser. It was set place during the eve of a storm, with reminiscent music playing in the background. The manager appears with Andy in Black-and-White, as opposed, Teen top is in a noodle shop with a look of a grim comic and Discreet eye-catching scenes are depicted.

The gagman, Kim Tae Hyun, will be MCing Teen Top Rises 100% every saturday at 9:00 running for 1 hour.

Source: kpopwave