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We are currently in the process of developing an OS X stand alone sequencer for which to control the Korg Monotribe.

The finished product will include various loop based sequencers for those parameters controllable through MIDI.

currently incorporates

volume envelope.
intensity/modulation envelope.

MIDI clock out.


presets. [shift] +click to store, click to recall.

drum sequencer. loop, direction, timing variations.

individual sequencers for EG, TARGET, MODE, WAVE switches. with loop, direction, timing variations.

pitch slide emulation, simple pitch bend in the direction from last note or opposite. with loop, direction, timing variations.

synth sequencer, has five independent sequences for pitch, velocity, duration, probability and intensity/modulation. loop, direction, timing variations.

versions so far

point two ; added step sequencers for EG TARGET MODE WAVE switches, simple pitch slide emulation.
synth sequencer variable step size 16-64 steps.
reduced sequences so variations only available through preset.

point one one ; fixed preset.

point one ; basic intro, preset doesn't work.

things to add

sync in (currently only has out),

more than one drum sequence, longer sequences, sequencer sequence .

change preset switching to occur at end of bar or phrase rather than instantaneous.

controls for RATE. defaults for all knobs/switches.

MIDI THRU, for to only use envelopes.