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Written Updates - 3rd Nov 2011

The episode begins with a heart broken Khushi  looking at Arnav. [Emotional Rabba Ve in the BG]

She tries to leave from Raizada House, hears everyone congratulating Arnav, she wipes her tears off that Lavanya comes and sees her in the crying face! Lavanya asks her as what has happened and isnt she happy for Lavanya.

La understands that Khushi is worried! Khushi says that she is feeling bad as her job has finished and would never step into Raizada again! La asks her again whthr she is happy for her! Khushi hides all her tears and sadness, happily hugs Lavanya. Meanwhile, Arnav comes there to send off the guests. They both look at each other. Khushi then tells that she is leaving but La doesnt allow and takes her in.


Nani happily feeds Jalebi to Khushi. The moment she realized naaniji  desired Arnav & Lavanya to get married soon, 

Khushi's heart was ripped into pieces. The bitter sweet truth hogged her mind.  All the weird feelings she was having for her  laad governor had to meet its end. All Arnav does is just watched Khushi! She too feeds her back and starts distributes the sweets to all.  Khushi distributes the sweets saying that she has been successful in doing her job and takes the sweets to Arnav! She stops from saying something. They have an eye-lock. Khushi offers sweets to him, Lavanya tells that ASR doesnt eat sweets. But Anjali comes with sugar free jalebi and feeds him also tells that Khushi had speacially prepared those sugar free jalebis for him. Khushi was desperate to get away from there, Anjali tells that how could she go alone at night as it is diwali night and there would be  bursting of crackers all the way! But Khushi doesnt listen to her and leaves faster saying that she will go by herself! 


Anjali's Room

Shyam thinking as how could he get out of the room, Anjali hurridly enters the room and happily says that Arnav has agreed to the marriage and Nani has accepted Lavanya! Shyam becomes too happy because again Khushi wouldnt be coming to Raizada! Anjali forces him to come out of the room to congratulate Arnav. Shyam is tensed thinking Khushi is there at home, he refuses but Anjali forces him!


In the hall

Nani asks La to call her parents and to decide a date for the marriage! Anjali brings Shyam downstairs, and he finds out that Khushi had left! He then wishes them Mr & Mrs. Raizada! Mami tells that engagement has to be done tomorrow itself! Arnav is shocked and  irked at this. He shouts at them saying he has just agreed to the marriage but is not ready to get married soon! He angrily leaves from there! 


Meanwhile, Khushi on her way flashbacks where he had agreed to the marriage, Arnav driving car, flashbacks all those moments he had with Khushi that night!

He brakes his speedy car where Khushi is standing. He gets out of the car and moves near her.

Khushi giving a fake smile -"What are you doing here? You must be at your home!"

A - Sit in the car..I will drive you home"

He goes to open the door...when Khushi says she would go by herself!

A - Shut up and sit in the car!

Khushi obeys him and gets entered into the car!

After a few minutes... 

K - I forgot to congratulate you... I am so happy for you and LA

A - So you are happy?

On hearing this, the fake smile on Khushi fades away..but then she again tries to bring back the fake smile and 

says - Yes! Am very happy... Infact I too wanted this..

A - Oh really ?!! You wanted this to happen ??

K - Yeah! ofcourse..am really happy about this..and as well u r dropping me to home now..so you must meet my parents..They tooo would be happy to hear this.

A - U asked me about your Anklet just before..

K - That doesnt matter to me now..For me, now matters the most is Nani has accepted Lavanya..

A - So you dont want to know about your anklet??

K - Nani has told that you will be engaged soon and will be getting married! and U both look so good together.

Arnav gets angry and The car screeched to a halt, forcing her to stretch her hand on the dashboard to stop her sudden trajectory forward! [Hahha.. then his usual style... asked her to get out! ]


But this time reached her home. She tries to remove the seat belt..

When getting out,  her saree gets stuck in there, she removes it off by placing her purse in his car where as he just stares at it without helping her. She runs to her house by giving him a tearful look. 


Raizada house

All are upset with Arnav's behaviour. And finally decides that not to get hurry for the marriage!


In car 

Arnav finds her purse, looks at it and throws it near by.



Bua forcing Khushi to get married to Shyam. Someone knocks the door. Khushi opens up the door! Shocked to find out Arnav infront!!!



Buaji shows the people had written "Shyam Khushi" on the wall of their house..

Babuji has an attack, Bua tells Khushi why cant she agree for the marriage atleast for the sake of Babuji's happiness!!