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Mindy McGonigal
· September 11, 2017
I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting the emails with her new blogs! I'm not exactly in the same boat as notsomommy, but there are still a lot of things I can learn, and the experiences she's had help me to be a better person as well. I'm really enjoying getting to read these.

Focusing on the advantages of not having kids became my ladder and helped me climb out of a pit of despair when I was at my lowest. Maybe this list of benefits will help someone else who is trying to accept his/her childless life, I thought. So, here's to the bright side of infertility...

While some may think me selfish for being happy that I don't have kids and can sleep in, I am simply choosing the bright side of infertility...

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Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving with good food and great company!

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What are you grateful for? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Like many pet parents, we love to give our fur baby a special plate on Thanksgiving. It is super important, however, to make sure that the goodies we are sharing are safe for dogs. Click below for a quick reference of safe and unsafe Thanksgiving foods for dogs so that you can ensure everyone in the family has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Safe Thanksgiving foods for dogs takes some forethought. Here is a quick reference so that you can ensure everyone in the family has a Happy Thanksgiving!

Make sure to keep your fur babies safe this holiday season! | For a complete list of safe and unsafe Thanksgiving foods for dogs, read the blog at Not So Mommy... | Dog Food | Dog Treats | Safe Thanksgiving Foods for Dogs | Dogs and Puppies | Dog Mom Blog | Dog Care

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Make sure everyone in your family has a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Read the full list of Safe & Unsafe Thanksgiving Foods for Dogs on the blog tomorrow!

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Sharing Thanksgiving foods safely with your fur baby takes some forethought, as several seasonings are toxic to dogs. Read the complete list of Safe & Unsafe Thanksgiving Foods for Dogs on the blog tomorrow!

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According to my hubby, you have to make stuffed mushrooms for Thanksgiving. Mind you, I don’t like mushrooms. Well, at least I didn’t think I did until I tried the Lytle Family Stuffed Mushrooms. They are amazing, so I want to share them with you…

Read the blog and get the full recipe at

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It reminds me of wonderful times with my mom, dad, and brother, gathered around our little table enjoying a huge meal that my mom had lovingly cooked. Of course, special family recipes were used to prepare many of the traditional dishes included in every Thanksgiving meal.

When I married Dane, he had special family recipes, as well. I remember arguing our first Thanksgiving over which direction you were supposed to cut the hard boiled eggs to make deviled eggs. I was adamant that my mom cut them this way, and he was certain that him mom cut them the opposite direction. I’m not sure who won that argument…

Click below to read the entire blog about Family Recipes...

Thanksgiving reminds me of family gathered around our table enjoying a huge meal. Of course, special family recipes were used to prepare many of the dishes.

After years of turmoil and heartache, struggling through infertility, I am finally at peace with my childless life. And I will not allow anyone to take that peace from me. That means removing the negative, guarding my heart, and protecting my family and the choices we've made.

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It's okay to say No. In fact, it's self-care to learn how to say No.
No, I'm not going to the baby shower.
No, I won't hold the baby.
No, I'm not going to adopt or do IVF.
My Life. My Choices.

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I have a list of kiddos that I think are absolutely incredible! I am the crazy aunt, the dog mom, the host mom who's decided you are family. It is a perk to being childless... I can spoil ALL the kids, and I absolutely LOVE it!

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Although adoption is not a cure for infertility and you should never say "just adopt" to someone struggling with infertility and/or childlessness, adoption is close to my heart. Dane and I researched various ways to adopt, including domestic, international, and embryo. Ultimately, it was not our path. But for the birth mothers who have given life and the adoptive parents who grew a baby in their hearts, this month is for you. It is a beautiful way to grow a family...

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November is National Adoption Month. I truly believe adoption is an incredible expression of love. In fact, at age 14, I told my mom that I wanted to adopt one of my kids when I grew up.

So, why didn't my husband and I just adopt when we found out we were infertile? Click the link below to read the blog...

For many, there is a simple solution to infertility. Just adopt. Honestly, before we went through our struggle, these were my exact thoughts, too...

Thanksgiving is only one week away. I know, for many, this time of year can be difficult. We wonder what there is to be thankful for and our biggest desire is for the Christmas season to come and go as quickly as possible.

If you already have the holiday blues, I challenge you to find one thing (even if it is small) to be thankful for and focus on that good thing.

My goal in December is to give you more good things to be thankful for. I hope to give a new outlook on some traditional holiday traditions that may be triggers for you right now. But after reading December's blogs, I pray you'll find new joy during this time of the year...

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