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Gina Pascale-Lloyd
· February 8, 2018
February 5th was my 3rd Sober Birthday since attending Nova in August of 2015 and then Casa Claire I can not say how much the encouragement I got form Annie the others to push on to Casa Claire and th...en Sober living increased my chances of staying sober I spent 8 months in all and now am living the life God has always intended and I lived prior to my Alcoholism! There are no words to express my Gratitude to God, Nova, Casa, Washington County and all involved in me getting my life back it really does work but you have to want it to also! See More
Lindsi Miller
· December 21, 2017
my daughters father is currently going through your treatment program, just finished his 28 days recently. he has now moved on to the 90 day program... and i am speechless with how far he’s come! so p...roud, and cant wait to see the end results. just hearing all the positivity he has towards life now, is so encouraging!! See More
Erin Ellis
· June 27, 2017
Hello my name is Erin, and I'm a recovering addict! Nova, and my lord jesus christ saved my life! The lord guided me to Nova! I had hit rock bottom! I was scared at first when i walked into Nova, ever...yone was so welcoming! The counselors knew me better than i knew myself!
They dug deep! I wanted to bail at first, but once i surrendered, and came to terms that my life was unmanageable, everything turned around for me! I'm proud to say i just came up on my 4 year anniversary of being clean and sober!
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Trevor Janz
· August 5, 2017
Went through the 28 day program. Two years sober 787 days to be exact. Go there for yourself and only yourself. Listen and apply what they tell you. Trust them. They prepare you for getting your li...fe back. I went to their aftercare one day a week for a year!! It was a lifesaver!! Great caring people that truly understand addiction. See More
Bryana Marie
· December 25, 2016
Nova saved my life! Thanks to Nova Counseling Center and the great staff I am able to spend Christmas with my Family. Because if I did not find Nova, who knows if I would still have been alive or even... welcomed by my family. I met great people while at Nova that became part of my family. Merry Christmas to all the Nova staff! See More
Kevin Hohenwalter
· July 18, 2014
Nova saved my life!!! As of July 1st..have been clean and sober for 2 years!!! Life is now calm,peaceful,serene and keeps getting better every day!!! Awesome staff..who truly care and understand what ...we are going through and what we need to do to be happy and healthy!!! See More
Elaine Livingston-Finke
· December 25, 2016
I'm here to celebrate Christmas this year with my family and friends because Nova staff saved my life. ...I have a second chance thanks to the help I received to recover from my addiction. I want to ...thank everyone and wish you all a blessed Merry Christmas! I will continue going back to visit and celebrate my sobriety! ! Thank you, Elaine Finke See More
Kayleigh Christine Pirkel
· January 23, 2016
Nova gave me the start to getting my life back. Afterwards they referred me to Prescott, AZ for aftercare. I have over 2 and a half years sober after being on opiates and heroin for 9 years.
Ty Paul Hughes
· May 2, 2015
I think this is the new beginning to our family become whole again. Really ever... Actually. This place is a blessed shrine of second chances.

Thank You for giving me the mom I haven't see since I l...earned how to walk See More
Kristina Papenthien
· January 15, 2015
This place is where it all started. The most amazing place, in my eyes, and I would recommend this place through and through.. Thank you for helping me start my journey!!!
Pierce Bryant
· May 25, 2016
Join a cult, fear addiction over fearing God, have addicts teach us we will always be the same. Yes, they can save you, but so can any other system that you commit yourself too. Nova's a pyramid lead by the sheep they directed. $5000 dollars to have an excuse and not think for yourself, "I can't help it, I was born this way" keep that money rolling in guys, plenty of people, pockets full of pennies, to manipulate. See More
Jessica Mckeag
· July 17, 2016
Nova saved my life, I don't know what I would have done if I didn't go to nova, they helped me build the foundation for my recovery!! They have helped me in so many ways!! Thank you!!
Laura Ruffolo Bolton
· February 9, 2015
Simply, the BEST. The counselors could not be better. Very nice, clean environment. The food-a little heavy on the carbs, but good. (The "Nova Belly" is a small price to pay!!) God Bless Nova for a...ll the great work that they do to save the lives of those trapped in the cycle of addiction. See More
Greg Messner
· December 9, 2015
NOVA taught me how to REALLY live again!! Thank you to all the staff and the peers who helped me realize how to be me again.
Shane Klapps
· December 31, 2014
This place give me everything i nees to know to stay clean and this place to me is the best treatment in the state
Liz Welsch
· June 26, 2014
I went there over two years ago and I'm still sober to this day. This place is an amazing resource for people in the grip of addiction.
Melody L Maki
· May 7, 2014
The staff is very caring to the residents receiving treatment and to their sometimes distraught families. This is a wonderful place.
Kyle Kloeckner
· January 8, 2017
Thank you NOVA, for introducing me to the solution.
Carrie Balke
· February 3, 2015
Wouldn't be alive today without this place 6 yrs and 4 months
Kurt Nelsen
· July 24, 2016
Best Decision I ever made!! Saved my life 9 yrs ago!
On January 1, 2018, STEP Industries and Mooring Programs merged their organizations to create a new entity – Apricity. To meet the growing demand for recovery support services, close the gap in missing services, and help people seeking recovery to create a firm foundation, Apricity now provides a...

If anyone is able to share their, experience, strength, and hope to our current clients tomorrow February 14th at 1pm, please call Nova! 920-231-0143. We ask you have been working your recovery program for a minimum of one year:) Thank you for helping us share the hope in recovery!

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I want everyone who has an addiction to be in recovery. My mom always says, “Recovery is possible!” And I know that is really is.

Please take the time to read this extremely informative article! #alcoholisasilentkiller #womenlistenup #stopnormalizingthis #deadlydisease

Women in America are drinking more, and more frequently, than their mothers or grandmothers did, and alcohol consumption is killing them in record numbers.
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Solutions Recovery, Inc.

The Annual Valentine's Bake Sale will begin Feb 10, 2017. If you are able to donate some goodies please contact Kyle T. (or simply comment on this post) or stop down to the club to get more information. Sale will run from Feb. 10 - Feb 14

Another soul gone too soon from this disease

Read the Obituary and view the Guest Book, leave condolences or send flowers. | Ty A. Babbitts Neenah, Wisconsin - Ty A. Babbitts, age 56, of Neenah, died unexpectedly on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. He was the youngest child of the late Al and Josephine Babbitts. In his
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The National Institute on Drug Abuse - NIDA

Nat’l Drug & Alcohol Facts Week is happening now! How are you helping to shatter the myths about drugs and alcohol? #NDAFW

We talked to 10 people from across Wisconsin who have taken the first steps toward a life after heroin. Here are their stories.

Don't die's resident junky Ryan shares his existential travels of his childhood excursions with robots to recovery in Prescott Arizona and on to Florida or bust....listen to Ryan share the good the bad the ugly and finally his hope!

Don't die's resident junky Ryan shares his existential travels of his childhood excursions with robots to recovery in Prescott Arizona and on to Florida or bust....listen to Ryan share the good the bad the ugly and finally his hope!

As we begin the New Year, we are looking for New Speakers to share their Experience, Strength, and Hope to current clients.If either Wednesdays at 1pm or Thursdays at 7pm work for you, please contact Serah to get signed up!! 920-231-0143