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The IRS released new income tax withholding tables that reflect the changes to the tax bracket structure in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) passed in late December. Employers will have until Feb. 15 to update their payroll systems to reflect the new changes, and employees will start seeing the chan...
Ideas to Audit-Proof Your Tax Return: Sometimes the best defense in an audit is knowing how to prepare.
How Long Should I Save It?: How long do I keep this? This video describes the Federal recordkeeping guidelines.
If you own your own business or have a side business in addition to your regular job, you may need to send out several IRS forms by Jan. 31 this year.
Plan now to make your 4th quarter estimated tax payment.
Happy New Year! Now that tax reform has passed, there are many changes to consider. Some of the major ones are summarized in this newsletter. And as you prepare to file your 2017 return, take note of the advice on avoiding audits. Also included are some tips on locating lost retirement benefits, and...
The final tax law is here, and it appears the bill will pass by the middle of next week. Who should be happy, and who shouldn't?
The AICPA S Corporation Taxation Technical Resource Panel offers a summary of recent court decisions and IRS guidance.