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Drew Vandemore
· October 13, 2017
N Street deleted this the first time I posted it- so here we go again:

I am 25 and my friend is 24, and we are in town for the Ohio State vs Nebraska football game. Friend and I were denied service a...t this liquor store and treated completely ridiculously by the staff. Man with beard accused our NC drivers licenses of being "fake", held us in the stock room, called police, and ignored multiple other forms of identification presented to him. After my friend and I encouraged him to bring the police in so that they could verify the legitimacy of our IDs, the staff informed us that the police wouldn't be coming and that we were being denied service while needing to leave immediately. What is the point of owning and operating a liquor store if you can't even verify out of state licenses? And not selling alcohol from your store to of age customers because you're embarrassed that you can't identify an out of state ID? In a college town nonetheless! Hope beard boy and the rest of this joke of an establishment go bankrupt. See More
Joe Haack
· July 19, 2017
I've been here dozens of times. It's a great liquor store in terms of selection, price and staff. Cool, modern vibe and spacious. Best place in town.
Yreme Rellim
· November 14, 2017
Best selection in town! Employees have always been nice to me, and the fact they produce their own electricity is awesome!
Adam Ferguson
· July 19, 2017
Best selection of craft beer and wine in town. They always have great tunes playing too!
Adeola Adegboyega-Panox
· June 7, 2017
Had a really unfortunate experience here. The place was filthy and the store workers were incredibly rude and dismissive. Good thing there are many other stores where they realize that my money is as as any white person's. See More
Renee Geller
· December 23, 2016
I went trying to buy a bottle of Mascato. I was told to get the blue bottle? I was also looking for a bottle of Shiraz & a bottle of Menage a trois & Stella Rosa. The Caucasian people were assisted un...til they found what they were looking for. No one came to me to ask if I needed help to find anything. They were sitting at cash registers on their phones.
I left, they apparently either didn't need my money and/or were racist.
I went to Super Saver and bought what I wanted for the holiday.
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Chad Salem
· July 19, 2017
Best liquor/beer/wine store in Lincoln. Run by people who really know their stuff.
Tony-Jay Bauer
· August 2, 2016
I live in Grand island and whenever I'm in lincoln we stop in and pick up a bottle or 2 of our fav wine(AZ Stronghold) store is always clean and in order. Staff is always amazing. Keep it up.
Bobby Ludemann
· December 27, 2016
Excellent place and love the crowler system they installed to be able to try some harder to find beers. Keep up the great work!
Jen Safley
· May 6, 2016
I actually left my debit card last weekend The staff was awesome and put it away for me so I did not have to deal with canceling it!! Thank you guys a ton:) phew
Daniel Kleine
· May 17, 2017
Only went to this place once, but saw a rat scurrying down one of the aisles and left immediately. Do not recommend.
Kaitie Podany
· December 27, 2016
Best place in town to get liquor, wine and craft brews. Awesome Crowler system!
Andrew Carey
· May 17, 2017
Had high expectations coming in, but cleanliness was a big issue. Saw a couple rodents -- would not recommend.
Kelsey Graves
· March 7, 2016
Great selection of beer and spirits, Knowledgeable staff, and they never judge when I buy too much booze. ��
Renny Vandewege
· December 27, 2016
This place is fantastic. Great selection and prices and wonderful customer service.
Erin Jablonski
· December 27, 2016
Love this place! Customer service was fab and they were very helpful!
Yoshi Clark
· August 29, 2016
Great selection that I have found no place else in town!
Jake Riggins
· November 1, 2015
Great store, awesome selections, knowledgeable and friendly staff.
No ad this week but the January Beer of the Month is New Belgium. $5.99/warm. The response on the N Street Diuble IPA has been great so far. 8.6% abv, with a strong malt backbone and a big pop of Cascade amd Saaz hops. Give it a shot, 4pk for $7.99.

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Dogfish Head is here!

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New this week: Stone Inevitable Adventure, Firestone Walker Sucaba, Crooked Stave St. Bretta, Wild Sage, Hop Savant, Dry Town Gin, Drake’s Virginia Black Whiskey, Widow Jane Bourbon, Hangar One Rosé Vodka, Glenmorangie Spios, Rabbit Hole Rye, Bourbon and Gin and a whole lot of Weller Special Reserve.

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Oh and Surly Rye Barrel-Aged Darkness.

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‪New: Zipline Chocolate Stout, Sierra Nevada 4Way IPA, Lindemans Cuvée René Kriek, Lindemans Ginger Gueuze, Knee Deep Barrel Aged Tanilla, Imperial Stout and Dubbel. ‬

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New Beers! Ballast Point Peanut Butter Victory at Sea, Abita Triple Haze, Brickway Tenth Sanctum‬

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Sale time for this week! Beers of the month for February are Empyrean, Sierra Nevada, Firestone Walker.

Website of N Street Drive In Liquor Store. Craft beer, liquor, wine, retailer in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska

Cool new beer on tap! White Elm aged their Walais Scotch Ale in our Buffalo Trace barrel. So come on in and try the beer and buy a bottle out of the barrel in which it was aged.

This week's sale is live

Website of N Street Drive In Liquor Store. Craft beer, liquor, wine, retailer in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska
Corporate goliaths are taking over the U.S. economy. Yet small breweries are thriving. Why?

New this week! Krosstrain Supajuice, Achel Blond and Brune, DeRanke Kriek and Cuvée, Grimm Bros. Icing on the Cake Chocolate Stout, Evil Twin Coffenade IPA, Molotov Passionfruit Surprise, Stillwater On Fleek, Omnipollo Nebuchanezzer, Offcolor Known Gnome, and Prairie Paradise Bomb

Website of N Street Drive In Liquor Store. Craft beer, liquor, wine, retailer in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska