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It's National Poetry Month, come out to the Twig this Thursday to hear share or hear some words

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Stonewall Equality Alliance

Hey y'all come check out the Open Mic Night at The Twig on Thursday.
From. 5-6 we will hear pieces from the lgbt+ community and others.
And from 6 -7 we will ...hear senior reading, one of whom is one of SEA's very own.
Thank you Write Club for organizing this. And shout out to AAUW. Come see all these lovely people on Thursday!!

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As a part of NSU's Symposium on the American Indian, "Te Ata," will be shown tonight at 5:30 in the Webb Auditorium! "Te Ata" is a film based on the true story of Mary Thompson Fisher, a woman of the Chickasaw Nation who traversed cultural barriers to become one of the greatest Native American performers of all time.
All other events of the symposium can be found here:…/NSUSymposi…/SymposiumAgenda.aspx

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We've only just begun, tonight we'll be discussing plans for next year as well as going over any new business. CORRECTION: Webb 6th Floor @ 7:30PM, hope to see you there 🌷

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Thank you to everyone who who organized, showed up, and boosted Slut Walk. This a declaration on body autonomy, and recognizing whose in our society is threatened. Props to the Native American Student Association & Stonewall Equality Alliance for amplifying your experiences. We're all a part of the change 💚

Poster party round 1 in less than thirty minutes! Second session will be at 6pm until 8:30pm. UC 226 soon and 225 later 🕕

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, so today Student Affairs presented the Clothesline. Victims of sexual assault are often asked what they were wearing when they were assaulted, implying certain forms of attire are proof of or insinuate consent. Not only does that mindset endanger people, especially women and girls, who choose to wear revealingly, but it also just isn't true. Sexual assault is rooted in entitlement and asserting dominance over victims. Which is to say a...buse of power and body autonomy is committed whenever assailants find the chance to, and those chances rise when our society insists there are reasons why survivors were "asking for it". The physical and crafted clothesline share stories of survivors, and come with a display of American sexual assault statistics. It will be presented again in the UC lobby tomorrow morning-afternoon.

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The 2 o'clock session will happen in UC 226, and the 6 o'clock session in UC 225. This event is for members of AAUW and other Slut Walk participants to prepare their signs for the Walk on Thursday at 1pm (that calls for an end to rape culture and the patterns of victim and slut shaming).



In a society where sexual assault rates are staggering, especially for college students, NSU's AAUW finds it vital to speak against the mindsets that foster it, while also blaming the victims of it. The walk is a call to an end to rape culture and victim shaming, including slut-shaming, which refers to the stigmatizing of people, particularly women, for partaking in behavior that is socially deemed promiscuous or sexually provocative.
It will begin at 1pm starting at the Be the Change fountain and end at 2nd Century Square where we intend to hold any tabling, speaking, and discussion available.

Thu 1:00 PM CDTBe the Change fountain @ 1pm

On Thursday the 12th, our AAUW will be bringing Slut Walk back to campus.
The first Slut Walk occurred in Toronto, Ontario in Canada in 2011. (TW: rape mention) It was in part inspired by a rape trial in Winnipeg where the judge spoke of the female victim's attire (including a tube top and heels) as making the offender mistakenly think "sex was in the air," have "heightened expectation [for sex]," and that she and her similarly dressed friend "made it publicly known that the...y wanted to party."
The judge would later apologize but the fact remains that countless survivors experience that type of victim blaming, referred to as slut shaming, when going to trial. This drives many away from taking on cases against their assailants, or from even reporting it at all.
Slut Walk is a demonstration march calling for the end of slut shaming, victim blaming, and every other facet of rape culture.
Join us Thursday at 1pm as our march starts at the Be the Change Fountain, followed by any speaking and discussion opportunities as we end at 2nd Century Square. Poster making party with materials supplied will be the previous day, Wednesday the 11th, in UC 226 from 2pm-4:30pm and again in UC 225 from 6-8:30pm!

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Free, educational self defense classes for women that NSU describes as, "The widespread acceptance of R.A.D. system is due to the ease, simplicity, and effectiveness of our tactics, solid research, legal defensibility, and unique teaching methodology. R.A.D. is the only self-defense program endorsed by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IALCEA)."

Just email NSU's AAUW treasurer at to say you want to participate and you'll be signed up!

AAUW members get priority enrollment but anyone can sign up!

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Tonight! Hidden Figures will be playing in Seminary Hall room 110 at 6pm in honor of Women's History Month, shout out to the Center for Women's and Gender Studies on campus 🙌
PS- Sorry the notification for this is last minute, this is fresh information!

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Meeting tonight! 7:30pm, 6th floor of the Webb building.
We'll be planning logistics of our feminine hygiene drive, painting the rock on campus, tabling, and self defense classes!

We've faced scheduling issues lately that have been out of our hands, but we did finally get to hold an info table today & still plan to table more with our Black Women Who've Made History board and promotion of our Feminine Hygiene Drive! 🛒

Presidents' Day, Victoria Woodhull, Shirley Chisholm, Margaret Chase Smith