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New Zealander's have one of the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world. If you do one thing for your health today have a quick read of this awesome blog by Dr Tim Crowe from Thinking Nutrition& try implement the following 5 tips to reduce your risk 😃😁 https://www.thinkingnutrition.com.au/bowel-cancer-risk/

Bowel cancer ranks as one of Australia’s most common cancers, especially for people aged over 50. This is one form of cancer where diet and lifestyle choices play a big part in changing a person’s risk of developing it. That makes it a good news... #bowelcancer #colorectalcancer #physicalactivity
thinkingnutrition.com.au|By Thinking Nutrition

How good would a mid week treat be, right now?! We made this creamy sunflower & macadamia slice a few weeks ago & it didn't last long 👅

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haha bit of a laugh to get you through Monday morning! 😂


Make up your mind, health nuts! Next, you'll say cigarettes are bad for me!

Looking for a delicious, lighter breakfast option? Check out this creamy Chocolate, Raspberry, Chia Breakfast Mousse... it tastes like dessert but is packed with fibre, protein & even a few veggies -a perfect breakfast option! https://www.nutritionbiteswithemma.co/chocolate-raspberry-…/

Chocolate, Raspberry, Chia Breakfast Mousse September 5, 2017 by Emma Leave a Comment Happy Wednesday! As we head towards summer and the days start to become warmer, I can feel my body start to crave lighter, fresher breakfast options. This creamy chocolate raspberry chia mousse ticks all the boxes…

24hrs in AKL wouldn't be complete w/o a trip to @winonaforevercafe. Delicious buckwheat hot cakes & the 'hello me bowl' -kale, brocolli, cherry toms, walnuts, halloumi & avo soo good!! Happy Saturday xx

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Happy Sunday Eve! This weeks blog is the second part of my nutrition myths busted series -click the link in my bio & have a read on protein powders, carbs & low-fat products. I'd love to hear your thoughts or if you have any suggestions. Have a great week 👋🏻🍴🍎https://www.nutritionbiteswithemma.co/nutrition-myths-bust…/

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Like always The Nutrition Guru and The Chef sums up the kombucha debate nicely! If you like it drink it -if you can't stand it don't and if you have no idea what I'm talking about click the link below to get the Kombucha 101 🥂

Kombucha - we love it. There not a lot of scientific studies to show that it does improve our gut health, but in theory it may do as it contains good bacteria.

So if you like it, drink it. If you think it tastes like old socks, don't drink it.

Kombucha is marketed as a low sugar, live cultured product with health benefits. So should you be drinking it?

How beautiful is NZ?! View from the Mt. tonight, wish I could say I zoomed up it in record time buuuut the reality is I struggled the whole way up. Now I could have got annoyed with myself for not running the whole thing or I could calm down & appreciate the view & having a body that got me to the top! Exercise is beneficial for the mind not just the body, so if you're stuck in a rut -take 30mins & get outside you won't regret it, have a great Tuesday 🌟🌸🏃🏼‍♀️

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Snack... snack... Snacking... Check out the NEW blog post to find out my thoughts on snacking. I've also include 10 of my favourite, quick, healthy & delicious snack ideas 💡 have a read & let me know your thoughts 🌸🍴💭 https://www.nutritionbiteswithemma.co/snack-snack-snacking/

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Dreaming about treats this Thursday eve... made @nadialimcooks Chocolate Black Bean Brownie for a potluck on Monday... it never disappoints 👅 substituting legumes like black beans, chickpeas & kidney beans for flour is a fab way to sneak more fibre & nutrients into your baking -try it before you judge! Hope you're tucking into a Thursday treat & looking forward to the weekend xx

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Easy like Sunday Morning... simply can't beat a comforting bowl of chia oats, topped w raspberries & pb. NEW blog post up is live now, check it out for a chilled Sunday read on podcasts, yoga & sleep xxx https://www.nutritionbiteswithemma.co/august-musings-podca…/

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Lunch today -Spicy Carrot & Kimchi fritters, topped with a lil coyo, lemon & rocket, avo & cashews on the side yuuum! Thanks @realradfood for the delish recipe 🙌🏼👅🍴🌞

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Smoothie Bowl w all the toppings 🙌🏼 class was cancelled this morning so I'm spending the morning demolishing this & getting ready for a full on week! Haappy Monday x

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Haha bit of a Friday funny for you! 😂 have a lovely weekend & stay warm -Emz x

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July 19

Healthy eating is simple. It's not easy, but it's simple.

Missing some quality VIT D aka vitamin sunshine 🌞, check out the new blog on why VIT D, is important for more than just bone health, what to eat & the low down on supplements https://www.nutritionbiteswithemma.co/got-the-winter-blues…/

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Want to know how much I spent on fruit & vege this week?! $8 yiiip that's all, pretty freaking lucky to have an awesome selection of weekend markets right on my doorstep, if you're looking for more healthy eating hacks head on over to the blog 🍎🌞🍇🥕🍉🥒🍌🍋🍠🍊

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Love a good platter night... excited to have a few pals over for nibbles and a cheeky wine or two tonight, hope you've all been enjoying this sunshine 🌞

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