South African Day of Rage - Will you be there Jan 16?

...moving on, there are many ways to conserve water that doesn't take 2 billion of any money so nows our chance to rise up and redeem any future dated mistakes too!
Stop relying on the government! The internet happened
#itsnotjustyou Cape Town!!

Have your say on the proposed drought water tariff to be added to your monthly bill. Use this site to add your name and send a message directly to the City of Cape Town.

Document the #revolution

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Jackie Plank

The incomprehensible end of Mary's Eden....

On the 22nd of September I posted pictures of a veggie garden that was started by Mary near Kenilworth station, usin...g seeds collected from neighbourhood bins.
This morning, almost exactly 2 months later, to the day, a distraught Mary came looking for me on my morning walk through the suburb. Her Eden has been demolished "by council law enforcement".
"They said I was growing dagga and selling the vegetables" she explained in exasperated disbelief.
"I had just picked the beetroot for the table at home and the carrots were this big". She showed me a ruler-length imaginary carrot.
"They said some of the residents complained".
She looked at me with the eyes of a woman who has just miscarried a child she was longing to raise...
"I am so very very sorry Mary" was my impotent response.
She asked if I had photographs of her vegetables and if I would send them to her sister please.
I go to sleep, heavy hearted at her lost Eden.
I am filled with sorrow still.

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The State’s appeal of Judge Davis’ judgement in the Western Cape High Court on 31 March 2017 will be heard in the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg on 07 November 2017. Fields of Green for ALL NPC has applied to the Chief Justice of the Republic of South Africa to be admitted as amicus curiae. In...
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Greenpeace Africa

South Africa is the 15th highest producer of waste in the world - World Bank >>

The Tshwane Lighthouse is cheaper, stronger and easier to build than an ordinary government RDP house.
5 minutes | For decades, Noam Chomsky has been the agent provocateur when it comes to critiquing the US mainstream media. He co-authored ‘Manufacturing Consent’, a seminal work on mainstream journalism and...
With an estimated 1.4 million trillion plastic microfibers in our ocean today, it's time to get informed and take action. WATCH the movie, LEARN about the problem, TAKE ACTION with The Story of Stuff Project!

The government's attempt to censor South Africans in their social media is a deplorable violation of privacy and must be opposed!

Sign the petition! This bill will give the government the power to pre-classify online content before you share it with your friends & family. This attempt to censor Internet use threatens our democracy by limiting freedom of speech.


The SABC has charged TV journalist Lukhanyo Calata with contravening its rules after he publicly spoke out about the “disturbing direction” taken by the public broadcaster.

Lukhanyo Calata is one of a number of journalists who has spoken out against the SABC.
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This Zapiro cartoon [for Times LIVE in February 2014] is just as relevant today.



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Meet Hlaudi Goebbels; Chief Propagandist of the ruling party, in Dr Jack & Curtis' Eyewitness News cartoon.


Oh sweet, tax payers only have to foot 97% of the bill - thanks ANC. We must rise and take the power back!

BREAKING NEWS: National Treasury tells the ConCourt President Jacob Zuma should pay back just over R7.8 million for the Nkandla upgrades.

Thuli Madonsela found Jacob Zuma unduly benefited from non-security features to upgrade his private home.

Nice one Hlaudi Goebbels!

SABC chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng has ordered that no negative coverage of President Jacob Zuma be broadcast because he “deserves a certain degree of respect as president of the country”.
Thursday, while the nation debated the relative size of Republican genitalia, something truly awful happened. Across the northern hemisphere, the temperature, if only for a few hours, apparently crossed a line: it was more than two degrees Celsius above “normal” for the first time in recorded histor…

Is anyone surprised?

The EPA released the final draft version of its report today, assessing how fracking for oil and gas can impact access to safe drinking water. Fracking poses